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Navasu: Introduction

Licensed for financial services, Navasu is a virtual currency service that provides clients with a crypto wallet, helping them to manage their cryptocurrencies, as well as a prepaid card that enables them to spend their Bitcoins with ease.

Established and licensed in 2018, Navasu was founded to meet increased demand for global and digital money, developing a simple yet highly effective crypto exchange that delivers innovative technical solutions, robust liquidity, low spreads, and competitive commission fee rates.

This advanced payment network enables clients to buy and sell cryptocurrencies via an effortless, three-step process:

  1. Register your account on the Navasu website
  2. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies
  3. Receive your crypto, with funds paid to the client’s wallet ASAP

Navasu’s mission is to make its clients’ lives easier, delivering optimized crypto buying, selling, and using opportunities. A global leader in cryptocurrency transactions, Navasu provides the best rates possible, facilitating various purchase solutions including credit card payments and wire transfers.

For high-volume purchases, the platform offers an OTC desk facility, enabling clients to close a rate within a short timeframe. The company is always on hand to assist new customers, helping them to venture into the world of cryptocurrency.

Navasu Wallet

For individuals trading cryptocurrencies, the ability to control their crypto is crucial. Navasu’s wallet service enables clients to manage their cryptocurrencies easily and effectively, with the opportunity to create several wallets and transfer funds.

Implemented with multi-signature and encryption, the platform protects user security, providing clients with notifications about all payments and transfers made with their wallet, and enabling them to turn crypto into cash with the Navasu card.

In a world of constantly evolving technologies, Navasu is committed to protecting the interests of its clients. Today, hacking is becoming an increasingly common problem for companies that rely on antiquated security methods. This is not a problem for Navasu, a company that prioritizes security, implementing an innovative approach utilizing multi-signature addresses to split payment authorization across trusted devices. With PINS, private key encryption and biometric authentication all used to enhance security, Navasu’s wallet service is not just easy to use – it’s secure.

Navasu Card

To obtain a Navasu card, users simply download the app, register their wallet, and order their card. Like the Navasu wallet, the card incorporates advanced security, integrating an EMV chip, as well as providing users with options to lock their card and control their spending.

The Navasu card enables clients to reload their balance quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. Whether withdrawing cash from an ATM, paying with a PIN, or processing a contactless payment, the Navasu card facilitates unbelievably fast transactions 24/7. Clients who prefer to live day-to-day using cryptocurrency can use the app to view their balance and keep track of their spending.

With no hidden fees, Navasu prioritizes honesty and transparency in all of its operations, enabling clients to buy and sell crypto in the blink of any eye. As legal agents, Navasu is fully compliant with all applicable laws, with a keen focus on security to protect the interests of its clients.

This multicurrency crypto buying, selling and using platform features all of the top cryptocurrencies, enabling users to buy and sell whatever they want whenever they want, with  Navasu’s diligent staff always on hand to provide 24/7 support.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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