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PCOS Early Diagnosis and How it Affects Your Body

Polycystic ovary syndrome shortly known as PCOS has been a familiar term in recent years. The term is very popular that it is the favorite topic for article writers in heath advisory websites and health magazines. As it affects mostly women in their reproductive age and seriously affects fertility, it has a social aspect also. PCOS diagnosis is a threat or concern for teenage girls, parents being afraid of marriage, etc. Treatment for PCOS suggests an early diagnosis for better results. Though it is mostly understood as a hormonal disorder affecting the ovaries, the disease affects the whole body. It makes the defective functioning of many organs and organ systems. Some complications like obesity and diabetes may develop due to PCOS, which has no connection with the ovary at a glance. Today, some teenage girls suffer problems like delayed menstrual bleeding, overweight or excessive growth of unwanted hair, etc as a result of PCOS. But it is also possible that some women may not show any signs or symptoms till their middle age.

In such cases, the PCOS diagnosis happens when the couple goes for routine scanning as a part of the infertility treatment. Though the woman may not be having any discomforts, the disease may be in a later or progressive stage by then. In man cases of infertility, PCOS is the reason that can not be managed successfully. It is not an infectious disease or an acute condition. Both genetic and environmental factors play a role in the development of this condition. Pathogenesis starts at a very young age leading to changes in the body systems. Clinical manifestation of PCOS starts mostly as irregular and delayed periods but without any other discomforts. Girls especially at a young age, take it as an advantage or convenience due to ignorance. But this is a dangerous condition that develops the pathology underneath. It is very common in urban girls and women nowadays counted due to unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Due to immediate changes in hormone levels, this disease can cause both physical and emotional problems. If not diagnosed and managed on time, PCOS can lead to physical changes like obesity with body parts that are not proportionate.

Other physical changes include dark patches on the skin especially the neck & face, excessive sweating with bad odor, and excess growth of unwanted hair like men. As the hormones play a main role in emotions, PCOS may manifest as uncontrolled emotions like fear, grief, or mostly anger. Humans are created as male or female and rarely transgenders. It is not yet clear why there is a little number of female hormones in all men and vice versa. In PCOS, the female body produces male hormones mainly androgen in an abnormally higher quantity. It is not normal and leads to many health issues. PCOS diagnosis is done based on a group of signs and symptoms observed along with higher levels of male hormones in a woman of reproductive age. Normal levels of hormones are a blessing but when abnormal they can lead to many problems. The abnormally higher levels of the male hormone androgen in PCOS cause delayed menstrual periods, the main symptom of the condition.    

The female reproductive system has two ovaries on both sides of the uterus, connected to it by a tunnel-like structure called the fallopian tube. Ovaries produce the female reproductive cell, named as ovum. In normal conditions, only one ovum starts growing and reach maturity in either ovary in a month from the numerous follicles. Once matured enough it is released into the fallopian tube. If conception is there, the ovum meets the sperm in the tube and fuses with it. If not, the ovum travels down and is eventually expelled as part of the menstrual bleeding. Ovaries do not work properly in women with PCOS. The immature cells in ovaries called follicles swell like bigger pouches and not the single-cell get matured and form an ovum as it is meant to be. A cyclic reaction develops like the hormonal surge leading to physical changes and vice versa. In this, the ovum is not normally released and no pregnancy is possible.

The disease, mainly the imbalance of hormone levels leads to obesity. PCOS is a condition that affects the endocrine system including the pituitaries ovaries pancreas and other organs. The condition interferes with insulin and fat metabolism also. This causes a lot many problems associated with the condition including type two diabetes, cardiac diseases, thyroid problems, and skin problems like acne. It makes the woman prone to more serious conditions including endometrial carcinoma. The blood pressure is seen in many women with PCOS owing to the fat deposits in the wrong way. Emotional stress ad uncontrolled mood swings in PCOS can also be the cause for a higher value of blood pressure in them. PCOS diagnosis with stress is not an easy matter. The person will face severe changes in her body including hair growth like men noticeably, excess oil and acne on face, uncontrolled & sudden weight gain despite not eating enough food, dark skin patches and thickened skin mostly on face & neck and excess fat deposits.

Very severe and abrupt mood swings make the condition worse. In most cases, the sleep will be disturbed and the person feels lethargic and weak all the time. Changes in physical appearance may cause disappointment in the person eventually leading to depression. PCOS weight loss is a way to be tried out but it is not a replacement or substitute of treatment for PCOS. PCOS weight loss is attained by a controlled and balanced diet along with a healthy lifestyle including Yoga, physical workout, breathing exercises, and meditation. Treatment for PCOS includes medications ( Ayurvedic Medicines ) like symptomatic management and hormone therapy along with lifestyle management. A sedentary lifestyle acts as a risk factor in most cases of PCOS. An active lifestyle, early diagnosis, and proper management will help the person improve their quality of life.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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