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PDFelement for MacOS, the complete solution for your PDF files

PDF files are par excellence the most used documents in the office when managing files, but for their management it is essential to have professional and adequate tools to carry out different operations, according to our needs and current requirements. There is a large number of software to carry out actions with PDFs, whether free or paid, but PDFelement for Mac, especially the new version, Wondershare PDFelement for Mac 8.5, is among one of the best thanks to its wide range of possibilities that it offers us when managing PDF files. , making it an essential software to treat your PDF files.

PDFelement, the most professional PDF solution for data extraction and OCR

First of all, the tool is a perfect PDF editor where you can perform actions such as text editing, annotations, PDF conversion, filling in forms and digital signature. PDFelement takes a step further, providing a better way to transform your office documents, with OCR mode, and data extraction from documents, which offers smarter and faster PDF editing, ensuring a better experience with PDFs.

Among all the advantages, we highlight other characteristics that offer us a more complete service to meet the different needs of users:

– Complete Set of PDF Tools: Where all the tools are offered that provide us with a complete solution to edit, annotate, create and convert, as well as protect PDF files, taking into account the security of the documents.

– Create PDF Files from Scanners Directly: With the new version of PDFelement, you can create PDF files directly from scanners, with the option to perform OCR or generate PDF files.

– Dual OCR Mode: You can select “Text Image Search” or “Editable Text” mode when performing OCR.

– Better data extraction: Extract information from any type of PDF document, including unscanned PDF files.

– Annotations: Continuously add annotations with the option to hide the preferences toolbar.

– Navigate the Pages with the Keyboard: Navigate the pages with the arrow keys on the keyboard.

PDF Convert: Converting PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, JPEG, Text, Pages, and Pub or RTF.

– 9 Language Versions: The desktop version supports 9 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Dutch.

– Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Everything starts from a new Interface

When you open PDFelement, nothing else, you see a simple and orderly interface, with 6 options to guide you, such as quick access buttons for managing PDF documents. Among which are edit, create, combine, convert, PDF batch process, and PDF templates.

Edit PDF: add, delete, cut, copy, paste and edit text, images, and other objects in a PDF file.

Create PDF: Create PDF files from images, HTML, or other forms of text file. Also one of the more advanced renovations of PDFelement is that you can create PDF files directly from scanners with the option to create a digital copy with OCR that can be editable.

Combine PDF: Create a PDF file by combining multiple file types.

Convert PDF: convert PDF files into fully editable formats, such as converting PDF to Word to Excel, to Power Point, among them. On many occasions in the office, we find that some documents in pdf format, such as images, are not editable, so we need a professional tool to convert this document into editable format, this time, PDFelement offers us a good solution.

Batch process: an outstanding feature of PDFelement Pro, on many occasions, we need to manage a large number of documents, and this operation makes it much easier for us in this regard, allowing us to manage many documents at once, and in batches.

Also with this option, we can perform multiple conversions of PDF files, such as batch data extraction as well.

Quickly edit PDFs like never before

PDFelement for Mac provides us with all the actions we need and easy to use to edit PDF documents. From text to images, links, pages, watermarks, backgrounds, headers and footers. When we open a PDF with PDFelement for Mac, in the main menu appear the Up, Down, Move tabs that are used to move the pages of the documents. And the operations of Edit, Page, Annotate, Forms, Protect, and Convert, whose functions we are going to test with different PDF files.

Editing PDF files is the most used action on many occasions of document management in our office. Once we click the Edit tab, the operations appear: add text, image, link , OCR mode, crop, watermark, background to file. While if we click the More option, you can add a header and footer or Bates Numbering. These aforementioned functions satisfy our different needs to edit PDF documents.

OCR feature

The OCR option is a prominent option of PDFelement.Sometimes we find documents that are not editable and if we want to edit these documents we need a professional tool like PDFelement, which uses the optical character recognition function to free text of scans and photos to make it fully editable. For example, if we open a scanned PDF document, when clicking the OCR tab, we will need to download the OCR component first.

Annotate in PDFs

With PDFelement, to make the notes of the texts, you can use tools such as underline, pencil, eraser, text box, shapes, and so on. In addition you can add comments, sticky notes, text boxes wherever you want. Mark documents to review, cross, underline the texts, using the Shapes with custom images and hand drawing tools to create shapes, such as lines, rectangles and arrows.


PDFelement for Mac stands out for its wide choice of possibilities when working with different PDF files, its easy use and handling make this editing software the essential tool to work on both Windows and Mac. It also has a post service that offers free customer support, one-time licensing fees, upgrades, annual product upgrades, and a 30-day money back guarantee. These after-sales services not only complement the good quality of the product, but also offer us a guarantee to take advantage of all the functions of the product, so we can enjoy all the benefits that this quality product offers us. Therefore, if you choose PDFelement for Mac, it is not only for the quality of the product, but also for its complete after-sales service. If you’re now interested, you can get PDFelement for Mac 8.5 now.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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