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Popular Amsterdam Canal Cruises

Evening Canal Cruise

Amsterdam is a city with a dreamlike feel. This quality only increases as the sun sets and illuminates the streets and waterways with ornate lamps and moonlight. Book a spot on an evening canal cruise to be part of this magical evening.

This cruise will take you through some of Amsterdam’s most iconic landmarks in 60 minutes. Multi-lingual audio guides will provide information about the city’s many structures and landmarks. This cruise sails through Amsterdam’s red-light district, where no other daytime cruise will take you. You can even enjoy a drink aboard.

Amsterdam City Canal Cruise

The Dutch capital is famous for its numerous structures with elaborate baroque facades. The 75-minute cruise will take your back to history as you visit as many as 1550 historic buildings. You will be able to hear the audio guide about the city’s history and famous landmarks such as the Golden Bend, Overhoeks, and Music Building. This audio guide will allow you to see the city’s evolution from 17th century to 21st century.

This  Amsterdam Canal Cruise is unique because it provides a special treat for its children. The cruise allows children to listen to stories through their audio sets. Interactive experiences include everything from mission booklets and eye-patches.

75 Minutes Day Canal Cruise

Enjoy a 75-minute cruise that takes you through Amsterdam’s most iconic parts. You will be amazed at the Dutch Baroque architecture found along the canal banks. Feel the artistic expression emanating from this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not only will you see the Amsterdam of the 17th century renaissance era, but also the 21st century look. This day cruise includes everything you need, from the Golden Bend to Overhoeks to the Music Building at the harbour to the VOC Ship.

This 75-minute boat tour is economically priced and includes audio commentary in 21 languages.

Hop-On-Hop Off Canal Cruise

It is best to explore a city at your own pace. You can do this with the Hop-on-hop off Canal Cruise. A ticket can be purchased for either 24 hours or 48. This ticket gives you unlimited access the sightseeing boats of the city. These WiFi and GPS-enabled cruises can be boarded at 10 Amsterdam stops.

These cruises have two routes and the stops along each of the blue and green lines are different. It is worth checking the times of the cruise and the stops that you would like to visit on a particular day.

Amsterdam Lights Festival – Water Color Cruise

Take a water color cruise during the Amsterdam Lights Festival. This unique festival features artwork that is illuminated by light and placed around the city. You can expect comfortable seats, audio guides in English and Dutch, as well as the chance to view some of the most beautiful artworks from around the globe. The theme for this year’s cruise is “The Medium, the Message”. Your cruise will allow you to see all the lights from a different angle and really understand the medium.

Amsterdam Culinary Cruises

The Amsterdam Culinary Cruises offer the best way to enjoy a delicious meal on the water while you cruise along the canal in a boat. These cruises offer breath-taking views of Amsterdam City and allow you to wine and dine onboard. You won’t be able to find the right place to look for the sights or food you are eating. You can!

Most popular Amsterdam Culinary Cruises

Evening Canal Cruise with 4-Course Dinner & Drinks

You will sail in a luxury boat through the famous canal network of the city, under the light of twilight. You will enjoy a magical evening among the illuminated buildings and the luxury boat. As you cruise through the city, take plenty of photos. Enjoy stunning views of 17th-century houseboats and grand old mansions in all their illuminated glory. The 2-hour dinner cruise will take you to some of the most stunning, atmospheric, and magically lit places in Amsterdam. The captain provides running commentary.

Dutch Wine & Cheese Candlelight Cruise

Europe is well-known for its delicious cheese and vineyards. Dutch Wine and Cheese Cruise is a unique opportunity to experience this culture. You will be able to get unlimited Holland’s beer, wine, and soft drinks along with a variety of cheese and charcuterie platters. A multilingual guide will walk you through the history and architecture of the intricate network of bridges and buildings. As you enjoy the night-time splendour of Amsterdam and its canals, we promise you’ll be transported to a magical land.

Claire James
Claire James
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