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What is a Planning Permission?

When it comes to building and construction, there is a lot more that goes in than what most people know. In some cases, people choose to ignore some processes to help save some cash. However, ignoring things such as acquiring planning permission can be quite detrimental.

In other cases, people do not know what processes are required when doing a construction project. In this guide, we will explain in detail what planning permission is. The article will also highlight the processes involved when applying for planning permission.

What is a Planning Permission?

Planning permission is a document that highlights everything about the structure you’re about to construct. It contains the architectural designs, site survey, and the impact the project will have on infrastructure. The document will highlight if your project will tamper with public resources such as roads and sewage lines.

The document is a legal requirement before you break ground for your project. Failure to apply for planning permission can lead to fines, or in extreme cases, the building could be brought down. As such, it is always advisable to contact a construction consultant before you start your project.

Applying for a Planning Permission

When you’re applying for planning permission, several factors will come into play. Most of it will be determined by the type of project you’re undertaking. However, the steps that are followed when applying for planning permission are almost the same.

The first step is a site survey and design meeting. After that, the construction consultant will review the planning permission drawings and the supporting design and policy documents. Once all the documents are in place, the consultants will submit them for review by the relevant authorities. The consultant will also make a follow-up to ensure that the permission is approved in time.

Hiring Construction Consultants

Getting your planning permission accepted is always a crucial part of your construction project. As such, if you submit incomplete documents, your application may be turned down. This will mean pushing back the project timeline and may cost you more money.

It is always a good idea to hire a construction consultancy team. There you will meet and work with a team of experienced individuals who will guide you throughout the process. The consultants will also follow up on your planning permission application until it is approved.

Always hire a construction firm that is within your area. They will have a great understanding of the local construction laws. They also have a decent idea of how the application process goes and what type of documents will be required during that time.

Bottom Line

Planning permission is a vital document when it comes to building and construction. The type of building will determine whether you require planning permission or not. However, make sure you consult before assuming. Failure to apply for planning permission can lead to a court case. In extreme cases, you might receive a hefty fine from the local authorities or have your building demolished.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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