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What is affiliate marketing? How to start making money on affiliate programs

Finding a powerful source of income may take things in your life to the next level. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to select an affiliate program.

Today companies use affiliate marketing to drive traffic to the website, increase sales, and improve brand awareness.

Thanks to affiliate programs any Internet user can make money by promoting products or services of a third party. The most typical result is a sale. But some programs can pay you for registrations, email sign-ups, clicks, or subscriptions.

There are different affiliate niches that provide affiliates with high profits (e.g., software affiliate offers, travel affiliate offers, e-commerce affiliate offers, loans affiliate offers, fitness and nutra affiliate offers, etc.) However, Forex/ crypto affiliate programs still remain the most profitable on the market.

How affiliate networks work

Affiliate marketing works when an affiliate advertises products or services on popular blogs, social media platforms, or websites.

  1. Client clicks on the affiliate’s ad.
  2. Client is redirected to the brand’s website.
  3. Client makes a purchase.
  4. Partner network pays the affiliate for the specific action of the client.
Three parties participate in a typical affiliate program, and each role must be determined in order to have a clear picture of the entire subject and take a pragmatic approach.

• The affiliate network connects an affiliate and a creator.

• The creator is a business or brand that rewards affiliates for advertising a product or service.

• The affiliate promotes the creator’s product or service in return for commissions.

Payment models

Terms and conditions of cooperation may differ in each affiliate program. There are three payment structures, and it depends on the personal preferences of the affiliate which structure will be used.

• CPC: The affiliate is rewarded a payout for every click of the consumer. Performance of advertising campaigns is measured by increased traffic on the website.

• CPL: The affiliate is rewarded a payout for every prospective customer who visits the target website and performs the desired action, such as a sign-up.

• CPA: The affiliate is rewarded a payout for every purchase via the unique affiliate link.

Trends In Affiliate Marketing

Influencer Marketing:

Companies often promote their products with the help of influencers on the web. Social media and blogs are home to the majority of bloggers.  Social media influencers make the most of affiliate marketing relationships, as they can monetize their specific audience. Bloggers will comprise a greater relative share of the affiliate market in 2021.

Detailed reporting:

Tracking and reporting tools are becoming more popular. This approach helps affiliates to analyse traffic and improve the performance of advertising campaigns.

The next steps can be summarised as follows:

Affiliate marketers search for partner programs on the web, choose reputable products or services, and promote them for their audiences.


Affiliate marketing is ideal for those looking to achieve a passive income from the comfort of their home without producing their own product or service.

Be patient! It takes  some time before you start earning decent income on affiliate programs.

Set small achievable goals and make them happen. Keep experimenting. Eventually, all your efforts will pay you back.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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