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What is LEGO Education?

You might be familiar with LEGO as a brand, with childhood memories of building houses or entire towns with the tiny pieces – but did you know it’s now starting to revolutionise the classroom?

LEGO Education is a separate, education-focused brand offering a range of intelligent hardware kits with unmistakeable LEGO features and elements. Find out more about how this intelligent hardware is being used in the classrooms in the following guide.

Prioritising technology

Teachers are starting to realise the huge benefits of an emphasis on technology in education. According to research from The Economist, four in five educators agree that technology is a valuable tool for developing skills in the modern workplace.

Introducing children to robotics and coding through LEGO Education is simple and enjoyable, even for teachers. Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects can feel daunting for some students, but the range of LEGO Education kits make it easy to integrate technology into the classroom and into a wider school learning plan.

Unique interactions

According to LEGO Education and their independent research over several years, they’ve made the benefits clear of including a hands-on learning approach, creating innovative learning solutions available to teachers and students.

The point is that these devices make subjects that might initially seem complex much more accessible and enjoyable. These modern learning solutions have helped children to build confidence in their own abilities and knowledge, gaining skills in specific areas including:

  • Exploration
  • Collaboration
  • Coding
  • Invention

The fundamental skills used in programming are problem-solving and critical thinking, which could be invaluable to your child’s future, either further along in their education or through to their career. An exciting range of opportunities could arise from the ability to program and associated skills.

Getting started

It shouldn’t be too difficult to encourage children to use LEGO – with widespread popularity, it’s probably something they already use at home. If you need to offer an incentive before introducing something more technical, why not inspire them to respond to real-world events using LEGO in a classroom activity or competition?

As a parent or educator, if you’re interested to know more or to take on your own coding project before launching one in the classroom, you could choose a LEGO Education product from the selected range to get started.

Using LEGO Education and other devices with the Internet of Things could be hugely beneficial inside and outside the classroom.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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