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About Dov Katz

Dov Katz is the co-founder and CEO of the startup organization 2130 Labs. This radical mental wellness company deals with mental health issues through plant-based medicine therapy (involving cannabis) and by using AI algorithms and devoted hardware in order to accommodate the treatment of each person.

Dovis married and lives in Ramat Hasharon. He has 3 children, and one is on the way.Currently, he is working at a startup company in Israel. Being a co-founder, he runs the company to prepareplant-based medicine in the medical devices field. Katz has gathered significant professional experience by leading technological teams,companies, and experts in computer, robotics, and AI version. Dov can not only think about the big picture but also possess the technical expertise to go deep into detail. 

Throughout your career in the high-tech world, how have you had a positive impact on the field?

In my academic studies,I concentrated on the learning of AI and machine vision for robotics. I in fact identified a new field named Interactive Perception where through the trial and error method, robots can become familiar with their world. The robot learns about the functions of the objects by playing with the objects, just like children. Later on, I used this technology for the US Army in a project where the goal was to develop a robot that could clean up piles of fragments and objects after an earthquake or attack. There are videos of my robot in action and academic articles I have written on the subject.

After that, I led the field of AI and computer version at the organization ‘Oculus’. The product we made indeed transformed the world and brought a revolution in virtual or augmented reality what we can see today in every large organization. Exceptionally, that it resulted in Facebook that lately taught us also to change the name Metaverse to Meta. The possibility for harm and the possible outcomes for VR are extensive with any good technology.

For the last few years, I have been engaged in a fenced agriculture project named Where I worked to develop a robotic plant-developing system under extremely controlled conditions. As the climate depreciates, this system is essential for the future of the earth. It is quite significant to be able to grow any crop anywhere by using AI and data while saving electricity and water.

Currently, I am in the lead of my company 2130 Labs. Indeed, there is a huge potential power for the well of the company. In the United States, about 80 million people have sleep problems and similarly, there is a large number of people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and more.

Are there other areas that you would like to pursue, besides developing algorithms?

All my life I have been involved in a field that ranges from hardware to AI and computer vision. This is the field I studied for my doctorate and postdoctoral in which I worked throughout my career. I intend to continue in this field, even though for many years much of my time has been naturally devoted to management. More technological leadership and less self-Implementation.

What is the most unique technological venture you have participated in?

I am very lucky to have enjoyed all the ventures I partook in. They were all special. Each one has had a significant impact on the world and people, and each contains compelling technological challenges. And, as I mentioned, they were all at the crossroads of hardware and software.

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