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Benefits of Village Rental and Accommodation in Japan

Japan is one of the best places to settle in or take a vacation due to the presence of its breathtaking natural scenery. However, this is something you’ll mostly find in its rural settings. This article outlines the benefits of moving to or vacationing in a village house. If you want to experience rural residence, this article is for you.

Advantages Of Rural Accommodation

For individuals accustomed to city life, changing your scenery once in a while has immense benefits. If you’re a city-dwelling Japanese seeking to take a vacation, village accommodation is an ideal choice, especially for workaholic individuals. Below is an outline of the benefits you’ll receive from countryside accommodation.

Reversal Of Negative Effects

According to recent studies, there’s a 40% chance that you’ll likely suffer from stress disorders and moody tendencies as a city dweller. Since the countryside is nature-rich, spending your time in such a setting can help alleviate stress. That way, your brain can recuperate from the immense stress from city life.

Eat Healthy Food and Breathe Fresh Air

By moving to the countryside, you’ll be changing the environment, and you’ll get to breathe nature’s fresh air, unlike the toxic city air. Additionally, it will give you a sense of how good countryside residence can be health-wise. Click this link for more information Meaning, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables the local farmers sell. Who knows, you might come back looking healthier than you left.

Sleep Improvement

Spending time in village settings gives your brain a recovery opportunity from city sounds and lights. Since you’ll be exposing yourself to natural light, your sleep quality will improve, vacations to the countryside will make you feel re-energized and rejuvenated.

Peace And Quiet

Since you’re on vacation, you should be relaxing. Village settings are known for quietness and peace. So, it would be best if you took advantage of it.

Benefits Of Renting In The Village

Since you’re aware of the benefits of rural residences, you might consider renting an apartment there. Also, renting a village house is much cheaper than buying one, just like in urban settings. Below are some of the benefits of renting in Village House in Japan.

It Gives You A Chance To Try Out What Works For You

Moving to the village is a bold choice. So, if you’re not entirely sure of your readiness, then making a crucial financial commitment may also worry you, especially if you’re considering buying a house.

Village Renting Is More Affordable

Compared to buying a house, renting one is more affordable. Since you’ll be moving to the village for the first time and don’t have enough money to buy a house, renting is the next best option. Later, when you’re financially stable, you can start making plans to buy a house.

It Gives You a Tryout Opportunity

You can conveniently live in different village settings on village house renting to experience living with various neighbors and other residents. Since village house renting is cheap, you can try as many places as you like until you find a suitable permanent residence and consequently buy a house.

Factors To Consider When Renting A House/ An Apartment

Renting an apartment might seem easier than buying a house. But, do the environmental settings and the house itself meet your requirements? Below are factors to consider when renting an apartment;

Insurance coverage: you must ask your landlord if the rental apartment is insured against damages such as fire or flooding. Otherwise, you risk paying for the damages in the event such a misfortune occurs. If the apartment isn’t covered, consider getting renter’s insurance.

Monthly utility bills: note that as a tenant in Japan, you’ll shoulder your utility bills such as internet services and air conditioners. That is why it’s smart to set approximately $350 to $400 monthly. Since the country is in a tropical region, you have to prepare for increased AC utility costs unless you’d prefer to survive with fun. However, during cold and rainy seasons, the costs shift to dryers.

• Initial deposit amount: when you’re renting for the first time, your landlord will require you to provide a letter of intent (LOI). After that, you’ll also be required to settle a good-faith deposit. Before handing over the deposit, you should demand a TA first. Remember, you’ll get the good-faith amount in full when you decide to move out, assuming everything in the apartment is in good condition.


As outlined by the article, residing in a rural setting has numerous benefits. However, it would be best to prepare yourself financially when considering renting or buying a village house. So, the next time you decide to take a vacation, there are many village resorts you can opt for to relieve yourself of city stress.

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