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Brits are Advised to Work From Home (Again) — Here’s How You Can Successfully Prepare

Boris Johnson recently announced that the government was moving to its back up plan of extra COVID rules due to the new coronavirus variant known as omicron. Being advised to work from home makes many Brits feel stressed. From the common work from home struggles to how they can be overcome, here’s how you can ensure that the change is a successful one.

The role that mental health plays

When it comes to working from home, many may struggle with the lonely aspect of it, while others may experience difficulty with not being in the physical presence of coworkers. For instance, 36% of those who work from home feel that they always have to be at their computer in order to respond quickly — something that can result in stress and anxiety. On the other hand, 25% of those working from home say that they find it difficult to cope with the mental challenges of loneliness and isolation from colleagues, according to one Nuffield Health survey. With an astounding 80% of Brits feeling that working from home has a negative impact on their mental health, there’s no question that a change needs to be made in preparing for the lifestyle once more.

In order to overcome the difficulties that working from home can have on mental health, it’s imperative to ensure that you have ways to relax and plan to spend time on yourself outside of work. While techniques like meditation can provide calmness after a stressful workday, diving into a hobby or two (or dedicating time to exploring a new one) will further ensure that you’re taking a proactive break away from work. However, perhaps one of the biggest things you can do in making the change as successful as possible for your mental health is ensuring that you implement clear work/life boundaries.

Keeping things professional

Keeping your work and home life separate while working from home is a major struggle for many, and can have many yearning for a return to the office in no time. In fact, 58% of people missed certain aspects of their commute to/from work, with being able to separate home and work a top reason. However, it’s important to realise that separating the two successfully simply involves creating clear and defined boundaries, with one great way to achieve this can be done by planning to continue keeping things professional when on video conference calls or meetings. 

Although getting dressed in work clothes may be optional when working from home, planning to put effort into a professional appearance can help greatly in separating work and home. Dressing to impress on camera matters; deep colors or bold patterns can do just that, and elevating your appearance with jewelry can further make a statement. While it’s important to avoid pieces that make noise (such as stacked bangles), opting for simple pieces like a cuff bracelet or a tennis bracelet can be a good solution. In dressing for the part, you’ll be able to put yourself into a professional mindset — even if you’re in your living room.

Going back to working from home can result in feelings of dread, with maintaining a work/life balance and mental health being challenges for many. However, by keeping things professional by dressing the part and ensuring to make time for yourself, you can ensure you’re well prepared for the lifestyle once again.

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