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Cybersecurity Myths

In today’s world, we have come across a point where everything is being digitized and everyone is now dependent on digital means for fulfilling their needs and completing their daily basis work. On the one hand, where everything is moving toward the digital world, the security issues have also increased to their extent because it is very necessary to protect our digital space where we perform various activities like online shopping, online transactions, online business, and many more.

 To protect our digital space there is a term from which we all are aware of and that is cyber security.

Cyber security provides us the security for all the electronic data so that nobody uses it for a criminal act. Cybersecurity has now emerged as an imperative role in this modern digital world, so a career in cybersecurity is going to be the most sought after.

There are some myths that are related to cybersecurity as there are misconceptions that may put your business at risk. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss these cybersecurity myths.

Let us come up with one by one security myths and discuss them.

  • Strong Passwords

We all think that once we have set our passwords and they are strong enough then there is nothing to worry about but this conception is a wrong myth. Just setting a strong password does not save you from cybercriminals. You need to set two-factor authentication as well as data monitoring.

  • Cybercriminals do not attack SMBS

We all think that cybercriminals do not target small-sized businesses or medium-sized businesses because it is a thought process that small-sized and medium-sized businesses do not have any sensitive data on which cybercriminals can target. But this is a myth because cybercriminals mostly target small-sized and medium-sized businesses. After all, these businesses lack advanced security solutions as well as it is easy to attack these types of businesses. If we talk about statistics, then around 58% of cyber attackers choose to attack small businesses.

  • We will not experience a cyber attack

This is the biggest myth that your business will never experience any kind of cyberattack. If your business has any kind of sensitive data then you can experience a cyberattack at any point in time. If we talk about statistics, then around 84% of cyber attacks are because of human error. So, it is baseless to say that you will never experience a cyber attack as the mistake is made by us only.

  • Having an antivirus software is enough

We all think that we have antivirus and anti-malware in our system so we are safe from cyberattacks. I must tell you that this thinking is wrong because these kinds of software are not enough that they can detect all types of cyberattacks.

  • Cyber threats are external

We all keep an eagle eye on the attacks which are attacked by the insiders but it is equally important to be aware of attacks that are done by external means.

  • IT department is responsible for cybersecurity

We all have thought that cybersecurity is a term and related to computers and the cybersecurity is the responsibility of only those people who are related to the IT sector and their role is not required but it is a myth because each employee must keep their organization or company cyber-safe so that no cyberattackers attack their organizations.

  • Wi-fi protected through passwords are secure

When we protect our wi-fi with passwords this doesn’t mean that you are safe from cyber-attacks. Public Wi-Fi networks can also be breached even if it is being secured by using a password. 

You will be informed if your system is being attacked

We think that when our system will be attacked then we will get to know about this immediately but this is not true. It takes months and sometimes years also to know that your system is being attacked by cyberattackers.

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  • BYOD is secure and safe

If you think that all personal devices like smartphones, laptops, and other devices can also cause a breach in your and the company’s cyber security. If we talk about statistics, around 61% of companies suffer cyberattacks due to the policy of BYOD and have experienced a mobile data breach.

  •  We are fully cybersecure

If you think that once you have followed all the cybersecurity precautions and the solutions to cyberattacks then I must tell you that you think wrong we are never fully secure because each day a new threat emerges so all we need to do is that we have to stay updated with the new measures to protect ourselves as well as our organizations or company.

  • Sophisticated security tools keeps your business secure

It is always advised that all the security tools should be properly configured in order to provide strong cybersecurity from cyber attacks.

  • Regular penetration tests are enough

If we talk about penetration tests then I must tell you that these regular penetration tests are effective only when the cyberattacks and vulnerabilities are being rectified in time.

  • Regular compliance equates to a robust security strategy

If you are keeping the compliance of cybersecurity checks on a regular basis then this does not ensure your security is strong.

  •  A third-party security will provide more security

We always think that if we ask the third party to keep a check and manage our security then we will be no more liable for our security but this approach is totally wrong because you are also equally responsible for securing all the critical assets of your company.

  • Never experienced breach which means our security is strong

If you think that you have never experienced the breach then your security is strong and you can sit peacefully then don’t do so because everyday new cybersecurity issues are generating and you must be very well prepared with this.


We all have several myths regarding cybersecurity. I hope with this blog your myths are being cleared. It is very important that nowadays we have to be very vigilant and active in the digital world so that we can secure our sensitive data from the attackers. If we talk about statistics then around 2,245 hackers daily attack on an average, 81% of data breaches are due to weak passwords and taking the cybersecurity as not so important. So, it is also important to create awareness regarding cybersecurity so that each and every individual should be aware of this and can actively secure their sensitive data.

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