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Fierce Nature Inspires the Masses

Getting Back to Basics: Natural Products Are All the Rage

These days, more and more people are starting to come to an understanding about beauty products. With so much going on in the environment, it seems that there has been a resurgence for those seeking a return to Mother Nature’s bounty. In an age of so many artificial products, many individuals are witnessing the effects firsthand. For instance, many have have started to develop sensitive skin in response to the harsh ingredients. Catherine Farrant, the founder of Fierce Nature, was one of these people. Her sensitivity to mainstream products inspired Farrant to come up with alternative solutions to the beauty supplies she was buying.

Are Most Beauty Products Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing?

Once she started researching the industry, Farrant realized just how toxic a lot of the items on the market actually were. She also started to discover how human beings are now carrying a toxic load from the time they are born. In a world that is overpopulated and full of plastics and other products that harm the environment, how was a woman supposed to survive and thrive without sacrificing her health to the beauty gods? Farrant started with one ingredient she would use as the foundation for her products — tallow. Pure and organic, it would serve as the basis for the items she would imagine and then bring into fruition. As Farrant has noted several times, tallow is bioavailable and has been around for centuries; in other words, people know what they are getting when they use tallow. The same cannot be said for so many other ingredients that are often listed on beauty products. When you can’t pronounce the names of the ingredients, sometimes it is good to take a step back and reassess what you are actually putting on your skin, which is your body’s largest organ.

Nourishing Skin and Making It Smoother

The great advantage of tallow is that people have been using it for centuries. We now that it makes skin feel healthier and more nourished. Using tallow in body balms is one of the brightest ideas that Fierce Nature has ever had. Customers love the fact that they can immediately use these balms to make rough skin feel smoother and silkier. Also, it’s important to note that the body balms also include Vitamin K, which is an essential component for making skin appear healthy and bright. Of course, most beauty aficionados also know what an important role is played by Vitamin E when it comes to skincare. Protecting skin from the world’s harshest elements, this vitamin is one of the best helpers a person can have. Vitamins A and D are also included in the blend, rounding out the mix so that it addresses all of the most pressing skin problems that people have these days.

Available in Different Scents — Or Even Unscented

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that fragrances can be very triggering to those who have even milder allergies. This is why it is so appealing that Fierce Nature offers an unscented body balm. For those who love a bit of scent, though, the Sweet Orange body balm is absolutely intoxicating. One of the brand’s most popular products, its contour sticks, also come unscented if so desired. These products provide the perfect support for today’s woman on the go. After all, with social media and Zoom, it seems as if most of us spend a remarkable amount of time on camera. When you’re looking to highlight and downplay certain features, the Selfie Stick is undeniably effective.

Soap Up the Way Nature Intended

The brand’s soaps are made with tallow and lye. You won’t find any ingredients that harm the ecosystem once they go back into the world. The natural antibacterial qualities of these soaps make them highly sought after. These days, it can be difficult to find body care products that won’t strip the skin of its natural defences. These soaps bring cleansing back down to basics so that people can feel clean without drying out their skin. Available either unscented or with Sweet Orange and Clove, these soaps have definitely started to cultivate their own fanbase.

Bundle It All Up

Fierce Nature offers bundles as well, making it easier for customers to sample the whole product line. These bundles also make for a great gift, allowing those who love the line to share its beautiful bounty with friends and family members. Offering a simpler solution to beauty challenges, this brand seems destined to stay for the long haul.

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