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Here Is How Much SMEs Could Save On Ink Cartridges

Unmanaged printing costs might account for 1-3 % of an organization’s overall income. According to Keypoint Intelligence, 90% of businesses do not keep track of their printing expenses. As a result, many businesses are missing out on potential cost savings and environmental management opportunities. Ink costs an average of $50 per ounce, according to Consumer Reports, making it one of the most expensive liquids on the planet.

The most prevalent printer complaint seems to be the expensive cost of ink or toner cartridges. Yes, ink is expensive – especially for those who print in large quantities – but there are ways to cut your printing expenditures over time. We’ve put together a list of printing ideas that will help you save money. The majority of them are tried and true, but some have disadvantages or upfront expenditures to consider before applying them. It’s also a good idea to have a rough estimate of how much you print each month or even per year (either individually or for your business), as using influences which suggestions will work best for you.

Below we will discuss various ways SMEs can save on printing costs:

Purchase ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer.

When buying toners or ink cartridges online, don’t necessarily go for the most costly OEM brand. Instead, you might want to look into other options outside the branded ones. They are compatible with your printers and perform the same function for a considerably lower price. When compared to the OEMs, we provide high-quality printer ink online at costs that save you up to 30%. It is critical to evaluate the company’s customer service standards when choosing compatible cartridge options for your printer. One should do research on what ink your printer needs. For example, HP ColorSphere toner, which is normally available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, is used in color LaserJet printers and is compatible with HP toner cartridges

Ink cartridges can be refilled.

Most consumers are unaware that instead of purchasing branded products, they can replace their used ink cartridges at several local printing establishments. This appears to be a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. If your cartridges are still relatively new, you should be able to refill them at least five to six times before needing to replace them. One thing to keep in mind is that some stores only provide ink that is compatible with specific printer models, so double-check before getting your cartridge refilled.

Purchase printer cartridges with a high capacity.

There are various types of printer cartridges and toners. To greatly lower your printing costs per page, utilize those with high-capacity printing options (usually referred to as XL or HC). However, you should think about your printing habits before making a purchase. If you print frequently, XL cartridges are ideal. However, if you do not print frequently, purchasing an XL cartridge will be ineffective, and huge ink cartridges will dry out, increasing your costs. 

Invest in value bundles.

You may purchase cartridges and toners in various value packs or multi packs to save money. These bundles are available for both original and non-original products. When you buy in sets rather than individual packs, you can save up to 30%.

Select a low-cost paper.

A little-known fact is that inexpensive paper absorbs more ink than expensive paper, resulting in higher printing costs. Very thick premium paper, such as that used to make brochures or cards, on the other hand, can be quite expensive. A thickness of 80 grams per square meter is a good choice for everyday use, while significant business paperwork can be printed on paper with a thickness of 100 grams per square meter. Printing images requires a unique type of photo paper whether you work for a graphic design business or a photo book publisher. Printing using recycled paper for internal use is a cost-effective solution unless it’s the final copy.

Final Thought

It doesn’t have to be expensive to print documents, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on ink every month. You can stop wasting so much money on printer ink every month and free up more money in your budget by applying the recommendations mentioned in this post.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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