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How New Trends Can Shape Your Current Look

Fashion is now at the point where new trends are beginning to take precedence over older styles. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready to move on.

This period isn’t as bad as you may initially think. Instead of throwing out your current style altogether, why not adopt a revolving door policy? You can still keep your current look, while making changes that adopt new styles at the same time. Read on to find out how.

Tights Are Back

Tights have always been used in formal situations. They look good, but can also match the office style adopted by most places of work. However, there is the other side of tights that disappear and reappear whenever society demands.

Often found in the UK, these tights are adorned with wild patterns containing stripes, stars and polka dots to make them less formal, and they are making a comeback in 2022. The fact that UK tights are coming back isn’t the end of the world, however.

The past year has seen basic mini-skirts come back into fashion. You may think that these two styles would clash, but they actually have the opposite effect. These tights can draw attention away from the bland skirt, creating an interesting miss-match of ideas. Therefore, all you need to do to keep up with new trends is buy some extra tights.

Puffer Jackets

The general public were mostly divided on their opinions about puffer jackets. These oversized coats were extremely popular back in the early 2000s, and only a few people have continued to wear them for practical reasons.

Some of you may be pleased to know that the puffer jacket is slowly making its way back into fashion. This boxy coat is exactly how is appeared two decades ago, only now they are made in bright, primary colours.

Whatever your view is on the puffer jacket, you will find it advantageous that you can wear these over the clothes that you currently own. This means that you don’t really have to worry about your current style clashing. You might have to wear certain shoes, but that is a small price to pay considering the alternative.


As mentioned in the previous passage, bright colours are coming back into fashion. This is in direct contrast with the darker tones that the public have favoured in the last couple of years. Surely there is no way to make these diverging styles work? Well, yes and no.

Darker trousers will work with anything; however, you need to be wary of the new patters that are emerging. Anything too busy will make your darker clothes look obsolete, so aim to wear single coloured tops or shoes. Yellow is currently the most popular colour that is destined to become the next trend, and this looks good with black trousers. However, patterned tights and a yellow top is really brave.


Your wardrobe is always going to be important to you. If you find that new fashion is giving you a hard time, try to take our advice and be clever. Alternatively, you could always wait until your clothes come back into fashion. It is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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