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How to Prove You Deserve a Promotion During a Business Presentation

Management teams have different ways of determining who deserves a promotion. Some will promote employees who showed consistent excellent performances over time. Others will host a panel interview. It’s also possible to get tested through a business presentation. The other candidates for the post will do the same. If you know the presentation will make or break your desire for a promotion, you must prepare for it. Here are some tips.

Understand the core values of the company

When you’re gunning for a higher post, prove that you know what the business is about. Managers want to promote someone who understands why the company is operating in the first place. Sure, profit comes first. However, there are greater values that make the business what it is. During your presentation, show how well you understand these values and how you intend to use them when given the chance to lead.

Prepare what to say

You can also impress the people in the room with the meat of your presentation. Research every detail and include the latest information. Statistics will also help back your claims. Prepare some slides as visual aids. Be in the meeting room early to set up the place. If your company has a projector mount like those from Unicol, it’s easier to project your slides. You don’t have to keep adjusting the projector. You can also prepare quickly and get things done before the meeting begins.

Prepare for possible questions

The team will also test your knowledge and ask questions related to your presentation. Some of them might be tough. Regardless, you should prepare. Know your presentation well since some questions might come from what you just said. Don’t feel nervous about the questions, just answer them confidently. However, you can’t make things up to prove your point. Be honest if you don’t know the answer or if you can’t provide a complete response at the moment.

Be friendly

Your character also gets tested during the presentation. It’s not only about what you say or how well you know the job. Your character also plays a critical role in your promotion. You will be working with a team, and you must display team spirit. Show you’re capable of leading the team. If you have a terrible attitude, it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are. It will be challenging to offer you a higher post.

Show how much you want the position

It also helps if you show passion for the job. Everyone in the room wants to see how much you want to get the post. Sure, you want to try your luck, but you must also display confidence in what you do. If you have apathy for the position, everyone will know. The chance will go to someone more prepared than you.

It’s not easy to get a promotion. If you’re in the running, make sure you do whatever it takes to reach the top. The opportunity might not come again any time soon.

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