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How To Upgrade Your Look with a Women’s Dress Shirt

Upgrading one’s look does not always have to mean changing one’s style. More often than not it can be about changing something as simple as the fit and finish of your clothes when it comes to taking your outfit up a notch. Spicing up your dress shirt game is one of the easiest ways to elevate your appearance on so many levels.

The beauty of women’s dress shirts lies in their versatility – a shirt can be worn for a multitude of occasions, and it is easy to style it in many different ways. The right shirt can add a lot of extra style to your outfits, so here is how to choose the best one for your wardrobe.

First and Foremost: Pick the Right Fit

Finding a well-fitting women’s dress shirt can be difficult but it is crucial because nothing ruins the outfit like an ill-fitting piece. It doesn’t matter how expensive the shirt was if the buttons gape at the bust or if the sleeves are too short. The bottom line is, if you want to look elegant and expensive, not compromising on the fit is the key.

Finding the right fit means finding the right fit for your body shape and also choosing the correct size. It is important to remember that all apparel sizing varies from one fashion brand to the next, so it is best to always take the body measurements and compare those to the size charts for best results.

Details Make Perfection

The difference between a mediocre and an exceptional dress shirt lies in the details. Like the fabric of which the shirt is made. The fabric determines not only the look but also the comfort of the shirt.

Cheap fabrics tend to look dull, but they are also likely to lose shape and age faster whereas finer fabrics will last longer and look more flattering on the body. They also often have a beautiful, smooth finish that looks good and gives a shirt a subtle lustre.

Other details to consider are the collar and the cuffs. A collar should be stiff so be sure to avoid anything floppy. Quality dress shirts usually have interlining inside the collar to help it appear crisp and to maintain its shape.

Cuffs may seem like an insignificant detail but actually spell the difference between exuding a dashing look or looking bland and plain. You should, at the very least, look for crisp cuffs that ensure a sharp aesthetic. However, if you want to make a statement, you should look for French cuff shirts.

French cuffs, also known as double cuffs, are double length cuffs that are folded back on themselves and held together with a pair of cufflinks. These cuffs are a statement making look for anyone wishing to stand out from the plethora of nondescript office wear.

Choose Your Colours and Weaves Wisely

For a truly versatile look, start with the solid colour shirts like white, light blue, or pink. In fact, any light colour is a great choice because these colours usually work for any complexion and combine perfectly with everything else in the wardrobe. The simpler it is, the more elegant and beautiful it is.

If a solid colour shirt seems too monotonous, opt for a subtle texture like twill or herringbone. Twill has a diagonal pattern that gives it a unique appearance and looks great on solid colour dress shirts, making them more interesting.

Herringbone is generally used with twill and is made up of rows in opposite directions, forming a zig zag pattern. It has a smooth feel, classy appearance, and the power to elevate any dress shirt from simple to standout.

 In Conclusion

Upgrading your look does not necessarily have to mean spending a ton of money and replacing your entire wardrobe. Investing in a few dress shirts with a flattering cut, attention to detail and fine fabrics will provide you with essentials that fit flawlessly into your work wardrobe and elevate any of your outfits.

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