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Marketing Company Founded by Milo McCloud and Paul Burnham Sets Themselves Apart by Offering 24/7 Services to Clients

Digital marketing within the blockchain industry is new territory for many marketing agencies. Finding a digital advertising agency that is well-versed in blockchain marketing can be tricky since there are not very many agencies currently experienced within this industry. With slim pickings to choose from, individuals may struggle to find a digital advertising agency that can meet all their blockchain marketing needs. There is a massive gap in the market for digital advertising focused around the Fintech, blockchain, and DeFi industries. Companies seeking support around this may face challenges when trying to find a marketing agency to work with.

One company has set themselves apart from other digital advertising agencies by offering 24/7 blockchain marketing services to their clients. Paradox Group is a digital advertising agency focused on blockchain marketing. The company helps clients reach highly targeted crypto and fintech blockchain audiences with their innovative digital marketing techniques. Paradox Group designs a free advertising banner for every campaign while providing advanced tracking capabilities so clients can see the live results. Each client also receives an allocated personal account manager to handle their project alongside the 24/7 customer service that Paradox Group offers.

Milo McCloud, co-founder and creative director of Paradox Group, is passionate about helping companies grow and scale. McCloud founded Paradox Group with the hopes of filling the gaps in the blockchain marketing industry where many existing digital advertising agencies were not living up to their full potential. “Market share is a huge factor in our industry. With very little competitors within the realm of blockchain marketing, we have found that by offering 24/7 customer service to our clients, we were able to set ourselves apart from other digital advertising agencies,” stated McCloud. “Our consistent revenue and skillful campaign management skills have led Paradox Group to become official advertising partners of many well-known publications.”

In the marketing industry, it’s important to make a name for yourself as a reliable agency in order to succeed. Paradox Group has succeeded at forming solid, trusting relationships with clients time and time again. “We always believe in putting the client first at Paradox Group,” said McCloud. “Our dedication to our clients has helped us build a reputation for ourselves as a blockchain marketing agency that people can trust. We bridge the gap between advertisers and publications so our clients can have a smooth experience when entering the world of blockchain marketing.”

When working with Paradox Group, clients are guaranteed to get the help they need when they need it. The agency excels in helping companies within the Fintech, blockchain, and DeFi industries. Clients can make the most of their advertising budget when working with an expert company like Paradox Group. With 24/7 customer service and a fully customizable CPM and CPC campaigns, Paradox Group helps companies reach their desired audiences and multiply their conversions for the best rates on the market. Paradox Group continues to satisfy their clients with their first-rate customer service and groundbreaking blockchain marketing approaches.

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