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Real Estate Assessment

Over the course of history real estate has proven to be the most stable of investments but the recent changes in the landscape of investments and opportunities has also evolved the real estate business.

Real estate assessment has become a key sector that makes sure your investments in the real estate business do not go waste. When making the ultimate investment decision, there are a number of key aspects that need to be considered.

The property type, the company portfolio, and the particular investment opportunity at hand need to be evaluated in depth so your hard-earned earnings do not get wasted.

Professional Real Estate Assessment Services

In this present time of specialization, evaluating investment companies using traditional methods and word of mouth can be a big mistake. Corporations and individuals need to evolve with the advancing technology and need to focus on more dependable ways of evaluating real estate.

Professional real estate assessment services like the GRESB real estate assessments analysis key information that can prove extremely important in the future.

Your investment return can be maximized and payback period reduced in no time with a state of the art ESG benchmark and reporting framework that functions flawlessly for listed property companies, private property funds, investors and even land developers.

The industry leading real estate assessment services will assess the property based and the investment opportunity (both companies and real estate investment trusts) using carefully selected indicators that will reflect the actual worth and reliability of the opportunity.

GRESB Public Disclosure Analysis

GRESB teams work tirelessly around the clock to hunt down disclosed information available publicly and transforming that into meaningful data that can be relied upon seamlessly. The dependable indicators allow for a more indepth analysis of listed property companies, trusts, and industry giants.

The data is collected throughout the year and is carefully vet by GRESB professionals and is analysed on the basis on 22 versatile indicators. A score is awarded to each indicator that helps evaluate the disclosure levels from a scale ranging from A to E. 

All constituent listed property companies and Real Estate Investment Trusts can access their public disclosure scorecard from the GRESB website and if any company wishes to make any meaningful additions to the real estate assessment, the same can be done between April 1 and July 1 each year. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

GRESB is a socially responsible organization that believes in transparency and delivers quality information to the best of their knowledge that can be used by anyone and everyone. If any company wishes to update the GRESB Public Disclosure to present and include more relevant and actionable data, the same can be done even without participating in the GRESB Real Estate Assesment program. 

Updating the public disclosures has been made super convenient and any organization can update their records through the GRESB portal in as little as twenty minutes. 

GRESB public disclosures and Real Estate Assessment is done independently and while they can depend on the same data, care if taken that any real estate assessment lands truthful and relevant information that is both actionable and of value to all the involved stakeholders. 

Industry Relevance 

Real Estate Assessment is quickly becoming a must have thing that can help maximize returns and is paving the way for transparent and dependable investments from the convenience of your couch.

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