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Save your business money by using the correct waste bins

Do you need to manage the waste in your business but you don’t know what size wheelie bin is right for your needs? Many businesses are unaware of how much money they can save by carefully choosing the correct bin for their waste.

Fast Skips, who provide skip hire and wheelie bins across the UK know first hand how businesses are wasting month every month by having the incorrect bins for their waste streams.

When starting a business, waste management will not always be your first priority. However, not being savvy with your waste needs could lead to additional charges by your waste management company or the local council, whichever provide your bins.

Depending on your waste streams, there are specific sizes and levels of security bins that will suit your needs, and often, if the wrong one is used, you could be charged for overfilling or actually underfilling, as you are paying for more than you need.

How can this be avoided?

By hiring a waste management professional, they will conduct a waste assessment of your premises. This will conclude in them choosing the correct waste bin for your waste streams. They will also make sure it is the most cost-effective option and offer tips for how you can maximise your recycling efforts.

It is very important for businesses to complete waste assessments whenever waste streams have changed or increased so that recycling is properly managed and you’re always having a positive environmental impact.

Here are additional things your business should consider when trying to select the best bin for your waste management needs:

What are your waste streams?

Being able to account for the waste streams your business is producing can be done by looking at the bins you have, or speaking with a waste management professional if you’re yet to receive them.

Waste streams and bins will vary depending on the industry of the business. For example, an office and restaurant will both produce different waste and different amounts.

What is the volume of each type of waste produced?

Some types will be produced in bigger quantities than others. Identify which types of waste your company is producing most of.

Depending on your business, some waste types will be produced in larger volumes than others. Knowing your business and measuring the waste you produce helps you get a more accurate quote for your bins and waste management.

How often do you need to empty your bins?

If you find yourself regularly needing your bins emptying, it means you will be paying more for increased collections. It will be more cost-effective if upgraded to a larger container for less frequent collections. You should also consider a larger container if it is always overloaded, there are lots of sizes available to suit your waste needs.

What things does your business need to consider before ordering bins?

Before ordering your bins from your council or local waste management company, you’ll need to think about how big the area is where you will store them. If there is only a small space, this will determine the size of the container you can have.

As well as this, the storage area will have to be accessible from the road for the bin lorry to take the bin to be emptied.

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