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Things to consider when hosting a large-scale event

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a big event on a personal basis, or you do it for a living, ensuring the day goes off without a hitch is essential for it to be a success. If it’s a personal celebration, you want to make sure the event is truly one to remember for everyone involved, and if you’re arranging it professionally, your business’s reputation hangs on whether your customers love what you’ve done or not.

Either way, there are a few elements that go into creating a large-scale event to make sure it goes well. Here’s what you need to consider.

Preparation is key

With any event where there are big expectations and a lot of moving parts, so the more prepared you are, the better.

Preparation for a big day can start weeks to months in advance. From making preliminary notes to actually putting your plan into action, you’ll need to think about things like:

  • Decorating the venue
  • Laying out the furniture and seating (if required) in an optimal manner
  • Ensuring any external services (caterers, musicians, service staff, photographers/videographers) know exactly where to go, what they’re doing and when.
  • Setting up the stage area if you’re having performances.
  • Ensuring all the onsite food and drink is in place
  • Ensuring health and safety signs are in place and regulations are being followed.

The above are just some of the main considerations for you as planner. When you first sit down to organise the event, think about every element and possibility that needs covering, and establish how you’re going to deal with it ahead of time.

Make sure it’s easy to get on board

If guests need to register for the event, make sure the onboarding process is simple and accessible. Likewise, if the event location is out in the middle of nowhere, you need to make sure your guests have clear directions (and potentially signage) telling them where to go. Once guests are there, make sure they’ll have an easy time getting in, out and around the venue, with safety and accessibility for all as your main concern.

Encourage people to hit the ‘gram

Big events are all about making memories, and in a world of smart phones and HD cameras in every pocket and purse, you can employ your guests to do much of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to catching the best moments from the big day.

Encourage guests to share their best pictures and videos on social media. If it’s a personal party, it’s a great way to get plenty of shots for your photo album. And if you’re running it professionally, what better way to advertise your services through your guests sharing their happiest moments?

Get feedback

Every business of every kind runs on customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether this was your first time planning and hosting a big event or your 100th, getting to know what people thought of it is essential to making sure future events go even better.

Take on board positive feedback and constructive criticism to identify areas to improve, and use it going forward into making future event planning that little bit easier – and a bit more special for your party goers.

Creating a memorable event doesn’t happen overnight. To make the day as special as you want it to be, you need to prepare well in advance and ensure you’ve got every base covered. If you make sure every step of the planning is covered, you’ll have a great event on your hands, and a bunch of very happy guests.

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