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Tips for Improving Your Conversion Optimization Plan Over the Holidays

The holiday season is the best for retailers and online ecommerce stores to experience a boost in sales. However, as an online retailer and any other type of ecommerce business, your website is going to play a major hand in how you appear to customers or potential ones who are just visiting.

If you lack experience in optimizing your website and don’t know how to make use of conversion optimization services, try seeking help from some of the best online digital marketing agencies. 

Improving Conversion Optimization for Upcoming Holidays

In simple words, conversion optimization refers to increasing the probability of site visitors performing a preferred action on the website. It’s one of the most efficient ways of improving website traffic and conversion for sales. The most commonly desired actions include adding products to the cart, proceeding to checkout, entering product pages, inquiring about the upcoming products/services collections, etc.

Be Fast!

Being faster than others is always the most important trait for an online ecommerce website. If your webpages take a long time to load, visitors and potential customers are likely to leave the website. Your webpages shouldn’t take more than three seconds to load, otherwise visitors are more likely to leave, according to research

Be Concise!

Writing descriptions and long engaging paragraphs might not always work. No customer really has the time to spend reading about a company and its products unless it’s something uniquely attractive. Customers and site visitors only skim, which means that you have to use power words throughout the text content on your website.

This could include using power words and concise yet engaging statements in call-to-action, description, and general information.

Be Encouraging!

Since it is the holiday season, you should radiate a cheerful spirit to encourage sales. For instance, your goal should be to increase website traffic but also to turn a high proportion of those visitors into customers. Make sure you greet and prompt visitors with holiday-related messages that aren’t too sales-y but rather encouraging and satisfying.

Be Mobile-Friendly!

Although this isn’t something new, many modern businesses miss out on this or come to it last. You should optimize your website and all its components according to mobile view and functions as well. This is because the use of smartphones for ecommerce purchases rose from 34 percent to 39 percent during 2019-2020, respectively. This shows the power of mobile phones over ecommerce retail shopping, which is at its peak during major holiday seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking for more info? We’ve compiled a list of FAQs – check them out!

Can you improve call-to-action for better conversion?

Of course, putting a strong but encouraging call-to-action through the website can help increase sales during holiday seasons.

What shouldn’t you ignore for holiday season website conversion?

Don’t miss out on the website layout and navigation, which makes the website easier to browse and scroll through. Higher engagement means higher chances of increased sales from potential customers.

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