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Tips to Reduce Stress While Studying

Learning is a beautiful process. To learn something new gives an awesome feeling. Student life is full of learning, that too a lot of things. But these days the objective of learning has shifted from gaining knowledge to earn good marks only, to becoming first in class only or to come in the list toppers only. This foremost purpose of learning and enhancing knowledge has been lost somewhere in today’s students. This changed perspective of study has put a lot of pressure on student’s minds these days due to which their childhood, their jolliness of their age is getting crushed somewhere and even students of very tender age are living under pressure and depression. In order to achieve higher position in the class, students are spending more time in front of a computer or in books rather than focusing on their mental and physical fitness too. When students are taught in the classroom, it is seen that very rarely tutors notice if students are facing any problem while studying. Classroom has become just a robotic medium where course material is completed whether students get the topic or not. Thanks to online education where students are getting more options than a classroom to get knowledge.

Students these days complete their notes and prepare for the exams from those notes too but it is a fact that approx. 80% students are unable to understand those topics, they just mug up. It happens because students are under stress of huge course material and a lot of pressure. Sometimes stress brings out a better competitor from us but sometimes it pushes us into depression too. To stay away from the side effects of stress students need to apply some measures to their daily routine of normal life as well as student life. Because this stress level is giving many physical and mental problems to the students such as eye glasses of high power, migraine, low memory power etc. So, let’s discuss how students can enjoy studies without putting a single bit of stress on their minds.

Students should complete their study in small clusters of time intervals. Don’t try to mug up or study a whole book like a book worm at once. Break your study table into small clusters daily for a certain time-period (which should not be more than 45 minutes or 1 hour). Don’t keep staring at the computer screen. After a study of 45 minutes, get up and take a small walk, take a cup of coffee or tea to refresh yourself then again sit to study.

Do not neglect your physical and mental health because study needs a healthy and attentive mind and a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So, get up early in the morning and do exercise, go for a walk for fresh morning air, little meditation and yoga is a combo of fitness to mind and body, must be performed. Diet should also be balanced such as dry fruits like almonds are very necessary for the mind and green vegetables and sprouts should be included in the diet daily.

In a teacher’s training program there is a part called lesson plan. In the same way students should also prepare their own learning plan where they should divide the whole course material into small clusters where a definite time must be given to a particular subject according to the time table at home also just like students do in school. Students should make sure themselves to not to deviate from this study schedule which will reduce their stress regarding preparation for exams to a much more extent.

While studying students should avoid any kind of distraction such as when they study doesn’t matter for even 15 minutes but should be quality time that means with full concentration and they understand and memorize that topic well enough to teach someone. Apart from this the best remedy for curing stress is proper rest. Students should give proper rest to the eyes, mind and health without any carelessness. If they are studying continuously then they should splash water on their eyes in a small time interval, take a nap in the middle of study for half an hour and the most important they should take proper sleep of 6-8 hours which will empower their mind and health.

Following the above stated steps students can make their studies completely stressless and will bring good marks with joy.

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