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Why Swiss Bank Accounts Still Play A Role In Asset Protection

Switzerland has always been extremely attractive to business owners due to the coordination of asset protection within the jurisdiction. The country has a long history of being noted as having one of the most powerful commercial banking centres in the world, making it the ideal place for dealing with international currencies and open capital markets. Swiss bank accounts offer a high level of privacy for their clients, with minimum risk, which is how they have managed to stay popular and current throughout the years. This year alone, UBS, which is ranked as the largest bank in Switzerland was awarded with the Best Global Private Bank, Best Private Bank in Asia and Best Private Bank Chief Investment Office by PWM as well as World’s Best Bank for Wealth Management by Euromoney.

Country’s Stability

The Swiss economy is notably one of the most advanced in the world, with the financial services sector playing a major role within the economy. From an asset protection point, Switzerland’s stable political and economic environment make the region extremely attractive to those that are looking for a place to keep the underlying assets. The Alpine country is renowned for its independence and neutrality which has been maintained throughout the years. The appealing tax regimes all for both individuals as well as companies to benefit 

Trusts and Private Trust Companies

Trusts are flexible and in the correct instances provide the perfect mode for efficient asset protection. This allows families to execute complete confidentiality and anonymity when it comes to their assets and companies that are held within the trust. There is domestic law that governs trusts in the country, therefore the person who settles the assets for the beneficiaries, the settlor, can impose the law of any trust jurisdiction to control the trust. This means that an American trust can still be set up with a Swiss Trustee.

There are also a variety of tax advantages that come when using a Swiss trustee and these are subject to the tax residency of both the beneficiaries and settlor. It is always advisable to seek professional help to confirm legalities. Wyoming Trust and LLC Attorney is a great reliable source to use when researching the matter, more information can be found in this suggested resource.

Safety and Secrecy

When setting up an account with a Swiss bank, privacy is of paramount importance. Only under extremely critical situations, which are rare, Swiss banks are not allowed to reveal the names of clients to their foreign governments. The breaking of this law could result in serious legal repercussions which banks avoid at all costs. Accounts are extremely secure and should there be a flood or fire, clients are assured that they will be compensated for any loss.The Swiss law only allows the breaking of client confidentiality, be it personal, professional or commercial, in the event of criminal liability.

Wide scope of services 

Opening up a bank account in the Swiss jurisdiction offers a wide host of benefits that go beyond traditional banking. Apart from taking the utmost care to ensure complete anonymity, banks in the region offer services in a variety of major languages and are able to receive credit/ debit cards in either their personal or business capacity. Access to corporate bank accounts can be done via post, courier, telephonically or over the internet. Utilising the latest technology, online security is given priority to ensure that clients receive secure internet banking channels. This means that customers can check their bank balances, operate transactions as well as initiate wire transfers, without worrying about there being a privacy leak within the banking platform. 

Final Thoughts 

Opening up a Swiss bank account helps protect your assets from the scrutiny of the public, and the process is comparable to that of opening up a regular bank account with a local bank. However, it is always vital to have professional help when dealing with these matters to ensure that the process is completed with all legal criteria met. The overall stability of the country as well as the taxation and privacy laws make it the ideal place to set up a bank account for asset protection. The correct Swiss bank account will afford guardianship of your assets to preserve them whilst providing clients the peace of mind that their “nest-egg” is protected.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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