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8 Best Books for Young Investors

Are you looking to educate yourself on the local and global financial markets while simultaneously preparing for your future as a financial investor? In that case, one of these books is sure to help. With plenty of chapters devoted to public speaking, personal finance, investing basics, and more, these 8 books are some of the best resources to learn about investing. They can also be great resources for budding investors who already have a good grasp on everything else there is to know about finance.

1. Investing 101

An excellent investment resource that’s also a great book, Investing 101 is an easy-to-read, 100+ page guide for investing in the stock market. This book takes a straightforward approach that focuses on helping readers understand the stock market to get rich. With this book, readers will discover how to start investing and watch their wealth grow with each passing year. Those less knowledgeable about the stock market will find this a worthwhile read even though it doesn’t focus on any of their specific questions. is a free proxy site that allows you to download free eBooks, torrents, and much more! The Pirate Proxy has a clean and smooth design and is quick and easy to use.

2. The Wall Street Journal Guide to Investing

This comprehensive book contains everything you need when it comes to investing, with everything from investing in stocks and bonds to how to make the most of your 401(k) plan. This book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn about investing in the stock market. After reading this book, readers will be equipped with all of the information needed when they are ready to begin investing on their own. It’s an excellent start for anyone who wants to learn about investing and read on their own.

3. The Motley Fool Investment Guide

The Motley Fool Investment Guide is a guide that provides valuable information for anyone interested in learning the basics of investing. It is an excellent read for anyone with no prior experience in the stock market. Readers will know how to find safe, quality stocks for their portfolio, along with tips on making money from penny stocks that you’re more likely to see on your own. Even if you’re an experienced investor, this book will also be beneficial to you because it can help you discover investments that are better suited for your financial situation.

4. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Investing

This is an excellent book for those who already have experience in the stock market and are interested in expanding their knowledge about investing. This guide is filled with information on investing basics and more, so even if readers aren’t interested in personal finance, they still have plenty to learn about the stock market here. Those who want to learn how to invest independently will find this a helpful resource because of how easy it is to read and understand. This book is also an excellent resource for those who aren’t sure where to start when learning about investing.

5. Thinking, Fast and Slow

This is a book that most investors who are interested in how to invest should know about. Although it’s not a finance book, it’s relevant because it helps readers understand the role of emotions in their financial decisions. This is especially important for those new to investing because they’ll learn how emotions can influence their investment behavior, even though they may not realize it at first. By understanding how our emotions affect investing, they can better navigate the stock market and end up with better financial results on their own.

6. If You Can: How Millennials Can Get Rich Slowly

“If You Can” is a book for investors of all ages with plenty to learn about investing. This book is an excellent resource for beginners and experienced investors alike because it teaches readers about different ways to support and helps them figure out what will be most beneficial for their financial situation. This book is also an excellent starting point for those who don’t know much about the stock market but want to learn more before making significant purchases. With this book, readers can find out how to quickly build their financial future and make sure that doing so doesn’t come at a price they’re not willing to pay.


As you may have observed, the business of investing is still a field reserved for adults. However, it is important to forge the path early in your life so that successful investments become an integral part of your adult life. The six books quoted above are excellent resources to educate and prepare young investors, but ultimately what works best is to learn from live experience gained by doing. I really hope you found this article beneficial and wish you all the best in creating your first investment plan!

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