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A New Ecommerce Solution on the International Market

In the last few years, ecommerce has exploded in popularity. The convenience of online shopping and the virtually infinite number of products available has led to widespread success for e-merchants across the globe. This rise in popularity has coincided with a rise in competition, though. Ecommerce retailers face more challenges than ever due to the number of competitors who are all vying for the top spot.

Ecommerce platform WiziShop offers a solution for entrepreneurs who are trying to achieve a stable presence on the web. WiziShop prioritizes SEO in their web design, which helps their clients gain more site traffic, more engagement, and more conversions.

WiziShop’s Global Launch

WiziShop launched in France in 2008, so their team has seen the exponential growth of the ecommerce world over the last decade. Online marketing is constantly evolving, and WiziShop’s approach has evolved with it. Their team understands that SEO is more important now than ever, and they’re confident in their ability to deliver the results that retailers need.

After more than a decade of supporting French-language ecommerce stores, WiziShop is ready to expand their services to an international audience. Retailers around the world can build a store through WiziShop or transition their existing shop to their platform.


WiziShop prides itself on its simplicity and ease of use. Their shop templates are carefully designed with user experience and search engines in mind, but setting up a store is straightforward and intuitive. Retailers don’t need any knowledge or expertise coding or in SEO to create a perfectly optimized website. They simply input their store information and product listings, and WiziShop’s SEO-powered design handles the rest.


Creating a WiziShop store is quick and easy, but business owners also have the option of customizing their websites. After choosing a base template for their shop, they can adjust the on-page and off-page elements to best suit their needs. This is particularly valuable for existing ecommerce retailers who transfer their websites to WiziShop from their current host. They can adjust their WiziShop website so that it closely resembles their original shop, which is key for brand recognition.

Business Coaching

A WiziShop subscription includes access to the platform’s business coaches, a team of experts who provide information on marketing, design and much more. The business coaches can answer questions about setting up a WiziShop store, but they can also offer broader advice about ecommerce in general.

Video Content

One of WiziShop’s most unique and helpful features is their series of training videos. These videos cover the basics of setting up an online store and writing product pages, but they also delve into other marketing topics. Retailers can learn about Google ad campaigns, copywriting, and social media marketing, all of which can help small businesses increase sales and build credibility.

Website Security

Security should be a priority for any ecommerce entrepreneur. Customers input their personal and financial information, and they need to trust that this data is secure. WiziShop uses a secure online payment system that protects the private information of customers and businesses. Not only does this assure customers that their purchase is safe, but it can even improve the website’s performance on search engines.

Free Trial

WiziShop’s team understands that moving to a new ecommerce platform is a major commitment. To address this concern, they currently offer a 15-day free trial so that retailers can experience the platform’s benefits firsthand. E-merchants can cancel their service after the free trial with no penalty.

According to Verified Reviews, 95 percent of WiziShop clients are highly satisfied with the software. As the company prepares for its global launch, it’s more dedicated than ever to creating effective ecommerce solutions.

SEO is necessary for any ecommerce business. Sites that rank on the first page of Google results get far more traffic than sites that don’t, and they have better brand recognition. Creating a comprehensive SEO strategy is not easy for the average retailer, but WiziShop is ready to help. They have a stellar track record with their French-language stores, and they have all the expertise and resources needed to support international businesses. From small startups to massive worldwide brands, any online retailer can work with WiziShop.

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