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According to in 2021, every second inhabitant sent to the planet and received 246 million emails of various nature, the average worker spends 28% of his working day managing email. More and more people communicate in a textual environment: in e-mail and instant messengers. Because it’s convenient. Therefore, we millennials are digital, and it is easier for us to communicate by text with ten people than by phone with one person.

Since business e-mail is such an important communication channel today, the ability to write has the ability to have a high flora. Below we will understand, adhering, you can make your letters to colleagues and women more convincing, more powerful, more effective.

Useful Structure

Even if all the rules of business correspondence are violated, the observance of “you”, an abundance of emojis and epithets, a letter composed taking into account its benefit to the recipient will be effective. Therefore, the rule “write useful letters to the interlocutor” is the most important and comes first on the list.

Useful folder properties consist of the following elements:

  1. from the text on the concept of the purpose of communication;
  2. the text contains a call to call / summarizing conclusion;
  3. the text contains answers to all the questions posed by the interlocutor;
  4. the text has a clear, clear structure;
  5. have a relevant written text content topic.

The classic structure of a business email:

  1. Brief introductory part (reasons and purpose of the letter)
  2. Statement of the essence of the issue (the main idea about the problem)

Final part (call to action / summarizing conclusion)

Usually, “how to write a persuasive letter” is ordered by a person who wants to receive something from the interlocutor in response to a letter: to buy his product / service; subscribed to the newsletter; approval of changes in the advertising company; agreed to favorable terms; gave him the information he needed; extended the subscription service for another period. Therefore, as an example, we will analyze the letter of agreement below.

Getting to the heart of the matter:

  1. show yourself favorably for the interlocutor;
  2. disclosure of evidence of their crimes;
  3. cut off the excess (the normal volume of a letter is 1 screen, this is 180-250 words).

An important note: if your letter is an answer to the questions of the interlocutor, then basically it does not remain from the given topic, and give an answer to each question of the interlocutor. And where they don’t know with a prompt response and need to collect information – just write, just not particularly indicating and important in which you collect information and still answer all the questions asked.

Completed letter:

  1. call the interlocutor to action (if you need something from him);
  2. write a conclusion summarizing the information presented (if he needs something from you).

Any letter on a topic needs a clear and appropriate conclusion: either a call to authority or a generalizing conclusion.

Even better, if you send it by regular mail, the templates can be found here

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