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Could Buying a Royal Title Make Business Sense?

The business world is often seen as a cutthroat place where it can be challenging to establish yourself and build up a credible business reputation. But could having a royal title help smooth your path to better business success?

Getting yourself noticed and your voice heard above the crowd of other business people trying to grab the attention of new clients is a challenging task. But would it be easier to impress clients, negotiate deals and gain access to the inner circles of business network meetings if you carried a royal title that sets you apart from the crowd?

There is no denying that VIPs from the international business world enjoy the extra perks that come with their jobs, such as access to private clubs and exclusive memberships of Golf and country clubs, which can also provide many opportunities to do business.

Breaking into these circles could be made easier if you were a Lord or Lady, so buying a royal title could be your key to being invited into this society and making your job a lot more enjoyable.

Making Yourself More Memorable 

The one problem modern business people face these days is making themselves more memorable in a sea of grey corporate business suits. 

To enable you to rise above your peers and get the attention of your target audience, you need to have something unique that your fellow business associates do not have. It is often said that only those with a strong and individual business persona go on to build a successful career.

If part of your personal branding included a royal title, it would be something interesting that would set you apart from the crowd. It would certainly make an interesting talking point or ice breaker at business network meetings!

Grabbing the attention of potential new business partners or impressing your boss to get that promotion just enough to convince them you are the right person to do business with or to take the role on offer could even be made easier if you bought one of the various royal titles for sale.

What’s in a Name?

New businesses spend a fortune on having their business name, logo and branding created to make them memorable. Why not use the same creative approach to enhance your own personal brand to help you become more successful?

You could work side by side with any number of Tom, Dick or Harriets, but have you ever noticed that those with an unusual or quirky name are always the ones that get noticed in your office? It just shows you that having a different name can be really memorable.

If you don’t have a particularly memorable name, then why not buy one? Purchasing a royal title will undoubtedly make your business cards pop. Having Lord or Lady, or Duke or Dutchess printed on your business cards will certainly help them be retained by potential new business partners and contacts at network meetings.

Upgrade Your Status 

Adding an impressive royal title to your name can be easier than you think. There are title companies online that offer royal titles from Europe and other countries that you can adopt to elevate your business status and help you stand out from the crowd.

It is not a new idea to purchase a royal title. Even back in the 11th Century, William the Conqueror was selling royal titles to his favourite followers. Since then, noble families have been buying and selling titles, especially when needing to raise money for their own causes or political advantages.

What could this mean to you, you may ask? Well, adding a title to your name could mean more invitations to exclusive business groups, better positions within your company, entrance to societies that you only dreamed about, and rubbing shoulders with the elite at events.

Having a royal title can impress potential new business clients, open doors for you, and make it easier for you to be introduced to influential people at meetings.

Enhancing Your Business Profile

Enhancing your business profile with a royal title can be a great way to get you noticed. You can still buy a royal title today, but these don’t come with the hefty price tag that includes acres of land and a crumbling manor house. 

You can purchase a royal title that can add a level of prestige and esteem to your name that can help to enhance your career while helping a good cause in the process.

Many of these royal titles are offered as part of programs and land trusts acting to preserve land, buildings, communities and traditional customs in the land or province where the titles are held. 

By buying a royal title, not only could you be enhancing your business profile and getting ahead in the corporate world, you can help support their cause and enable them to continue to preserve and rejuvenate ancient lands and traditions.

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