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Different Ways to Tailor a Funeral

When a loved one passes away, their funeral is an opportunity for family and friends to come together in grief and remember and celebrate their life.

Funerals are increasingly transitioning away from the traditional services of old, towards more personalised services that are as unique as the individual they are for. This is hardly surprising; fewer people now identify with a particular religion, so out-dated religious services no longer reflect what they believe. Our views on dying have also changed, and funerals are now an opportunity to celebrate the life of a loved one, rather than focus on the grief associated with their loss.

To ensure your funeral is as unique as you are, you should spend some time thinking about exactly how you’d like the day to go, and then record this in your funeral plan. Taking out a funeral plan is a simple and secure way to pay for your funeral in advance and allows you to tailor your final farewell to ensure that it reflects you and your individuality.

There are many ways to personalise your funeral, so consider what you really want! Maybe you’d like a horse-drawn carriage to transport your coffin, surrounded by pink carnations, to the crematorium for a humanist service, followed by a celebration at the local community centre.

Perhaps you want everyone to be dressed in the colours of your favourite football team, with their anthem being played as you are committed, and a post-funeral reception at the local pub. Or maybe you don’t want any fuss at all. Perhaps a direct cremation and having your ashes shot into the air as a firework while your nearest and dearest look on is more your style.

By tailoring your funeral, you can make it as simple, or extravagant, as you want (and can afford).

Ways to personalise your farewell include choosing the type of funeral you want; options include a religious service followed by a traditional burial, a cremation or direct cremation, or a woodland burial. The type of service you choose may also help with determining your funeral location.

You can also tailor the service to your taste by incorporating your favourite hymn, Bible reading, poem, or song. You can choose whether to have a eulogy or not, and what flowers should decorate the venue.

Your coffin and transportation can also be personalised. For the eco-conscious, this might include a simple, natural coffin and requesting that family and friends travel to the funeral via public transport or by foot. Or, if you wanted, your coffin might be transported to the venue in a motorbike and converted sidecar.

How you tailor your funeral, or that of a loved one, is down to you, but it’s a good idea to discuss your wishes with your loved ones. Having the ability to note down everything in a funeral plan gives you – and them – peace of mind that you get the send-off you want.

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