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Everything You Should Know Before Coming for a Holiday in Kenya

Are you planning a holiday in East Africa? Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya tops the list for most tourists and good reasons. The region is a lot more enticing during the Wildebeest’s annual migration period. This doesn’t take away from other animals you’ll see, including elephants, zebras, cheetahs, lions, and hippos, to mention a few. Safari tours are a gem, but Kenya isn’t just about animals.

Kenya has it all, whether you want to explore the many national parks, the savannah, wetlands, rainforests, semi-deserts, moorlands, or relax on the beach. Kenya’s rich cultural diversity also provides a chance to taste an extensive collection of mouth-watering cuisines. The welcoming community makes the experience more captivating. Nonetheless, before coming to Kenya, you need to know a few things, ensuring that you enjoy a frictionless holiday experience. Among the top thing to know includes;


Kenya is a digital nation, making it hassle-free to get a visa. The process is straightforward and fast, and within as short as 48 hours, you’ll get the Visa. You can also opt for the same-day Visa through the fast-tracked eVisa option.

Accommodation and meals

Do you fancy Airbnb or restaurants? You want a comfortable stay, perhaps even adventurous, especially on safari tours. Tasty dishes can’t also take the back seat. With the many restaurants in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, you’ll be spoilt of choice. High-end restaurants, casual dining, cafes, to fast-food, you’ll find a solution that best matches your budget. Nonetheless, don’t pick just about any space. Following your itinerary, you’ll find restaurants that’ll help you save more time and get a chance to explore more.

Your health

Like any other destination, before you make a trip, you need to consider your health and get the relevant vaccination and prescription necessary. While touring Kenya, you might need meningitis, typhoid, and yellow fever vaccination. Moreover, an anti-malaria prescription is advisable. Apart from sickness, insects can be a scare, especially some sting. Like most African nations, Kenya has no shortage of insects, including mosquitoes, sand, and tsetse flies, to mention a few. As such, investing in quality health care items, including insect repellants, is advisable. You don’t want your holidays to be dulled and cut short by illnesses you can avoid. You’ll enjoy a great holiday experience in Kenya with the proper health care measures.

Pack right

A holiday in Kenya can’t be complete without a safari tour. As you pack, avoid synthetic fabrics. Pick breathable and comfortable clothes. Also, avoid bright colors; after all, you want to see more animals, not scare them away. Keep in mind that colossal luggage won’t do you any favors. Pack light, but right, ensuring you have what you need without carrying a huge bag that’ll drain your energy that could be used to explore more majestic sceneries.

A few rules

Like in most states, you can’t take photos in certain areas in Kenya. Violating such regulations can land you in trouble, including camera confiscation, being held for questioning, and fines. You have a lot to photograph, including the fantastic architectural sights, natural landscape, parks, to mention a few, but steer clear of military bases and personnel and government buildings. While on the rules, it is worth noting that one-use plastic bags are banned in Kenya. Kenya has strict rules on single-use plastic bags as an environmental conservation measure, and a violation could lead to unpleasant experiences, including fines.

Kenya is a safe and fun holiday destination. You’ve probably done your homework and learned a few details like Kiswahili and English are the national languages, and the local currency is Kenyan shilling. With the above pointers, you know more, making it easier to travel, explore, and supercharge your holiday quests in Kenya.

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