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Experts Guide: Best Way To Sell Your Rolex Watch

Just as buying a Rolex can feel overwhelming; selling one can be equally daunting. Moreover, if you do not conduct proper research, you might end up losing out on a chunk of its true value. Just so that you know, the secondary market is booming at an alarming pace! So, if you intend to sell Rolex in London, we suggest this is the best time. 

However, as a watch seller for the first time, several questions must have gone through your mind, with the most significant one being ‘how can I sell my Rolex for the best value’? Well, a prior strategy can go a long way to secure you the best price. 

Few points to keep in mind for hassle-free selling are:

  • Locate your Rolex’s Reference Number
  • Find the Serial Number
  • Do you have the Original Papers & Box
  • Consider the Important Factors
  • Find a Reliable Rolex Buyer

Naturally, you need a brief on this, don’t you? So, for those struggling to find out ‘how to sell my Rolex’, this article will be your complete guide to selling Rolex for the best value. 

  1. Find the Reference Number

Firstly, note down the reference number of your pre-owned Rolex because each unique Rolex timepiece has its inherent value. If you want to ensure that you sell Rolex for the right value, find out the Reference Number, which is present near the 12 o’clock position of the watch case. You can also find it on the warranty card or service records.

A few letters follow the reference number that refers to your Rolex’s bezel style or sapphire crystal colour.

  • Locate the Serial Number

The second is the Serial Number, which is unique to each Rolex. The serial number determines the production date of your Rolex timepiece. You can find it on the receipt, warranty card or service records. And, if you do not have the papers, turn your Rolex to find the serial number on the opposite side of the reference number on the watch case. 

  • Original Papers & Box

Original Rolex papers, manuals, manufacturer’s documentation or certificate all play an essential role in increasing the value of your Rolex timepiece. We suggest you retain all Rolex related documents to sell Rolex watch at the best competitive price. 

Well, of course, you can sell Rolex without the original papers, but presenting them will add up to the value. 

  • Consider The Factors

Once you’re clear about the Reference and Serial Number, you have to consider a few other factors before selling a Rolex watch. You might believe that your Rolex will fetch you a certain value, but in the end, you receive a lower one. Why so? 

All the factors mentioned below will influence the value you attract. 

  • Condition

Before you let go of your Rolex, it is crucial to refer to any type of defect that the second-hand luxury watch may present. This includes any scratches, blemishes, knocks, or any other imperfections. All these things can negatively impact the value of your Rolex as a whole. 

  • Material

The material and finish of your Rolex is another decisive factor in selling the watch. If you have a Rolex with a gold finish, it certainly won’t have the same value as a steel model. 

  • Movement

A Rolex could be sporting a manual, quartz, or automatic movement. Although the movement type is not always a determining factor, a Rolex with quartz movement will surely fetch a lower value than the one with either manual or automatic movement. 

  • Strap/ Bracelet

The bracelet/ strap’s condition also affects the value. For instance, a Rolex with a leather strap is more worn than gold or steel bracelets. So, if you change the strap while keeping the original buckle, it will fetch a higher value.  

  • Who is the Buyer?

This is by far the most critical decision. Irrespective of the Rolex model, a major portion of your value depends on whom you sell Rolex in London. Multiple outlets sell Rolex watches, but finding a trustworthy dealer to enjoy a hassle-free selling process is the key.

At The Luxury Hut, the expert watch buyers are thoroughly well-versed with your Rolex’s market value and ensure to offer the best competitive price. When you’ve decided to sell Rolex in London, you certainly want to do it quickly while getting the maximum value, isn’t it?

Don’t worry; you can start by finding out the value of your Rolex watch instantly by filling in the online form. Provide as many details as possible about your Rolex watch, and the experts will send you a FREE instant quote! 

When selling a Rolex, most dealers will have strict guidelines and restrictions. But at The Luxury Hut, you can sell Rolex without any obligation! With over 40 years of combined experience, they are expert Rolex buyers in London with hundreds of customers vouching for their incredible service. 

Follow 3 simple steps to sell Rolex:

  1. Fill in the Online Form 

Provide your Rolex details (age, condition, and model) to get an INSTANT QUOTE.

  • Send Them your Rolex

If you’re happy with the quote, send them your Rolex. They offer a Contact-Free Home collection along with a pre-paid shipping label.

  • Get Cash On-Spot!

The expert evaluators will carefully examine your Rolex to confirm its authenticity and make you a final offer. Once you agree with the final quote, the experts will pay cash on-spot or through your preferred payment method. 

Also, if you do not have the original papers and box, you can still sell Rolex in London for the best possible price at The Luxury Hut. 

It couldn’t be easier. The best part of selling your Rolex is getting a higher competitive price, and with them, you can rest assured to fetch that seamlessly! 


Follow the steps mentioned above to sell Rolex watch quickly and easily. You can sell Rolex effortlessly to get its true value when you have all the details in your hand. 

And, while dealing with The Luxury Hut, you will not just receive the best possible price but also receive 100% satisfaction and efficiency during the whole selling process.

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