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Here’s How to Choose a Roofer in Glasgow

All across Scotland, you’ll find roofing companies and roofers who offer various products and services. But, you won’t find a place that has as many roofing services as Glasgow. Due to the size of Glasgow and its mostly-poor weather, there is often a lot of work for roofers ranging from roof repairs to replacement, roofing extensions, and chimney work.

If you live within Glasgow and you need a roofing company that can offer the best products and services, there are several things to note.

First, you need to create a list of contractors within Glasgow and then shorten the list to 3 or 4 companies that are licensed and belong to professional bodies.

Don’t work with roofers who are not licensed or recognized within the industry. The roofer must also be certified by health and safety bodies. Although unlicensed roofers will offer cheap services, you can always expect substandard work.

 Here are some common professional bodies for roofers 

  • Association of Technical Lightning & Access Specialists (ATLAS)
  • Constructionline
  • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)
  • The National Federation of Roofing Contractors

Another way to search for roofers Glasgow is on Google. You can also ask friends or people who have repaired or installed their roofs recently for recommendations.

Building trade suppliers can also provide the required information.

Here’s How to identify a bad roofer

Begin by asking whether they have the necessary license and approval, and which organisation licensed them.

If they don’t have insurance, don’t work with them.

Look at their portfolio and judge their previous work.

Find out how long they have been in the industry and their expertise.

Confirm if they offer a guarantee and what it covers

Don’t hire a roofer who pressures you to make payments or sign up.

Low estimates and cheap prices can be risky so be wary of them. Cheap work could come with poor-quality materials.

Don’t hire a roofer you meet through door-to-door sales

Choose a roofer who is experienced with dealing with your type of roof so that they will handle it with the best expertise. Also, understand your roofing needs so you can oversee their work.

How to Get a Quote from a roofer

Many roofers make free quotes available online, so it is advised to go request those quotes and consider them. 

Study the profiles, training qualifications, and previous track records of contractors before choosing to work with them.

If you’re working with Asphalt shingles, they need more maintenance than other types of roofs, although they are easier to install than other types of roofing.

Asphalt roofs are less prone to leaking than other options. They are also a cheaper option for roof replacements than other roofing types. 

Although Asphalt shingles are easy to install, it is best to work with experienced roofers who installed that type of roof before. They will know how to install the roof properly for better quality and longevity. 

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