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How budget-friendly Rome is to give a tour?

How does an affordable visit to the Eternal City sound? Although Rome is famous for being overpriced. But, you do not have to spend a fortune to see all the ancient museums and sites in the city. Yes, you can also find accommodation and restaurants which will not rip you off and provide good service at the same time.

 Below are some tips on how you can enjoy Rome without emptying your wallet completely!!!! Book your Rome tickets and begin your budget-friendly tour of this stunning city.

Off-peak season

Rome is basically a tourist attraction for those who are diehard fans of historical sites, monuments, and art. Those who have a fixed budget assigned for the tour must definitely go when the prices of everything are slightly less.

Although the city welcomes tourists all year round, usually the summertime is the peak time for visitors when the costs soar up. In my opinion, the best time to pay a visit would be in November- March since the temperatures go down pretty low. Also, you can get discounts on plane tickets and accommodation too.

But then again I would also recommend you to avoid visiting at the end of December as a lot of people may decide to spend Christmas in Rome. This will in turn cause a rise in the prices of everything.

How to see Rome at a lower cost

You can also save money when it comes to visiting Ancient Rome. This is because luckily the Colosseum, Castel Sant’ Angelo, Roman Forum, Borghese Gallery, and a lot more museums, galleries, and monuments are free for everyone on the first Sunday of everyone. But keep in mind that obviously, you would have to spend a huge amount of time waiting in lines for entry. So we suggest taking Rome tickets booked online beforehand.

Hop-on, Hop-Off Tour

To begin with the budget-friendly tour, the best way to explore the entire city in one day is to take hop-on, hop-off Rome tours. WIth an open bus tour, you can spend the entire day seeing the beautiful landmarks of Rome. You can travel past the attractions such as the Colosseum and Vatican City.

The tour takes place on different important bus routes of the city. 

You can climb the Spanish steps, sit beneath the fountain Trinita Dei Monti, and click pictures without having to spend anything. Also, visit the Pantheon still known as one of Rome’s most ancient sites. You can enter for free and view the huge dome ceiling for free.

Also, you can visit the very famous baroque-designed Trevi Fountain free of cost. The fountain is beautifully sculptured and has turquoise water falling during the day and night. If you throw a coin in the fountain, it is guaranteed that you will return to Rome again!!!!

Vatican city tour

Having special Vatican tickets is the most cost-effective way to view everything in the Vatican. The Vatican City Pass is what it’s called. This offers skip-the-line access to popular destinations in Vatican City, such as the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel.

Book your tickets to the Vatican Museums online and enjoy the best Vatican tour possible.

If you do want to pop by the Vatican on a budget while in Rome then you can always pay a visit to  St.Peter’s Square and St. Peter’s Basilica. Also, the last Sunday of every month will allow you to enter the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel for free. Yet again the lines are huge.

Avoid spending money on things that you can get for free

  • Since there are drinking water fountains all over Rome you can easily refill your bottle for free. Hence you can save a great deal of money by avoiding purchasing bottled water which is a bit costly.
  • Join a free walking tour to explore the detailed history of Rome.
  •  Take a stroll for free along ancient Appia Antica which is a road full of archeological sites and country charm.
  •  If you go in summer then you can catch a free outdoor concert at night.
  •  You can go and see the Pope for free every Wednesday as he holds a public audience.

How to save money on transport

  • When visiting Rome it is very unlikely that you will be spending a lot of your time indoors. To see the beauty of the city a lot of moving around is required. Hence, the need for transportation to see the different historical sites and monuments. To stay within the budget it is highly recommended to follow the advice given below:
  •  You can purchase a ticket for 100 minutes. This will allow you to ride on the metro, buses, trains, and trolleys for 100 minutes. The main advantage is that you can interchange between different forms of transportation that will help you reach your destination. But keep in mind that the ticket can only be used for 100 minutes.
  • The Roma Pass tourist card is also a great deal when it comes to traveling cheap. The ticket enables you to use all the forms of public transportation within the city as well as free entry to a couple of museums. Those who visit cultural places can also get discounts with the help of a tourist card. The main attraction is that upon purchasing the card you will get a map of Rome with information on different sites, a guide for museums, and a list of events.
  •  If you prefer to see the city by bus then I will suggest you go for a local bus rather than the tourist one. The tourist buses charge a lot more and will only show you the monuments. Whereas a local bus will take you all around the city where you can see a lot more.
  •  Try to avoid taking taxis as the fare will be much higher than public transportation.
  • But all in all the best way to explore Rome is by foot.  By walking you can enjoy the view of the city to the fullest as the streets are also artistic and hold plenty of history.

Budget-friendly accommodation

Hotels nearest to the historical attractions will charge higher. If you are comfortable walking then it will be wise to go for accommodation which is a small distance away from the main attractions. But make sure that you don’t go too far, otherwise, you will end up spending money on public transport.

But if there is no option left you can think about staying in San Giovanni, Prati, or Nomentano which are all budget-friendly. But you would need to use public transport.

Another cheaper option is to rent an apartment on Airbnb. This will save you a lot of money as you can easily prepare meals in the kitchen by purchasing the required ingredients from supermarkets. Rather than having to spend a fortune on eating outside.

Whatever option you choose. It is strongly recommended to book your accommodation before landing in Rome as you can easily search the internet to find the most suitable place to stay according to your budget.

Eating and drinking at a reasonable price

  •  If you want to save money then it is highly advisable to grab a slice of pizza and a drink to sit and eat in the piazza. Or you can also buy bread and sandwich fillings to make yourself a packed lunch.
  •  Keep your eyes open and avoid restaurants in the city center. Especially those which are advertised by pictures, as the prices of food are very high.
  •  A great way for budget eating is to have Aperitivo with a free buffet. This means that the majority of bars and cafes offer a free buffet from 6 pm-9 pm upon purchasing a drink. But the variety of food differs from place to place. Some bars serve snacks like chips and nuts. Whereas other restaurants offer pizzas, kinds of pasta, salads and a lot more. 
  •   Avoid sitting at a table to drink your coffee as the charges are double compared to standing at the bar.
  •  You can always go for a Panini which is widely available across Rome at a reasonable price.
  •  Always purchase soft drinks from supermarkets as some restaurants charge up to triple the amount.

Few last tips

  • When it comes to shopping for souvenirs, avoid the souvenir shops as the prices tend to be higher. You will be better off buying from the kiosks on the streets at a lower cost.
  • There are two types of supermarkets where one is used by tourists and the other is used by locals. Try to find the ones used by locals as the prices are much cheaper than the other ones.
  • In Rome, a lot of cheap places sell pizza b7 weight which is perfect if you are on a budget. Rather than spending unnecessarily on a whole pizza. Although these places are not so elegant, the taste of their food will not let you down.
  •  If you want to drink soda then it’s better to head to a supermarket rather than ordering in a restaurant. As the prices are triple.
  • When it comes to exchanging currency in Rome airports and railway stations are unprofitable. Hence it is better to buy Euros in the city where there are plenty of exchange offices.
  • Go shopping in Rome at the beginning of January for winter clothes and at the beginning of August for summer wear. In these times stores give huge discounts to customers.


Rome the Eternal City is known to be expensive for tourists. Maybe a lot of people think that they will not be able to afford to see all the historical sites, accommodation and food within their budget.

But I have given you a general idea of how the tour can be taken without spending a fortune. If you visit on certain days and times then there is free entry to many places. Also, keep your eyes open and choose the right meal which will be both filling and also pocket-friendly.  Do not waste your money on purchasing bottled water since there are drinking water fountains all over the city. Accommodation should be booked beforehand to avoid any hassle, according to your preference.

When it comes to transport, select the appropriate option which you can make the most of within your budget. And also be careful when shopping as tourists tend to get ripped off. Try to visit shops where you can bargain or go shopping when the stores offer huge discounts.

Keep in mind the suggestions given above and plan your trip to Rome accordingly without emptying your wallet!!!!!

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