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How SEO Audit Tool Helps To Improve Website Visibility

Want to be on the top? Well, who doesn’t?

But websites that really make it to the top of the search results follow strategies and keep records of how well that plans are doing. SEO is a long-term process especially if you have higher goals. But the thing is, you can’t relax after updating your SEO. Continuous monitoring and experimenting is the key that many fail to maintain.

Now, here’s the main question? How do you monitor and improve your strategies accordingly that increase website visibility? If you have read the title of this article, you already know the answer. It’s an SEO audit tool – your primary helper for better SERP visibility.

But first, let’s get to know it.

Get To Know-SEO Audit Tool

The SEO audit tool checks up the health of your website. And, it does this for four different categories-mobile responsiveness, user experience, content originality, and technical infrastructure. The SEO audit report clearly shows you the errors and opportunities for further improvement. And, the best part? You can run an audit here for absolutely free. No need to go through complicated sign-ups and verifications. Just type your domain and that’s it.

Whatever you wanted to know will be served before you with a precise percentage. But today we will only focus on how it impacts your website visibility. Now, what’s that? Keep reading to find the answer.

Why Website Visibility Is Important

It is a term website owners must understand in detail. To be true, the whole essence of our SEO strategies is to increase website visibility. It simply means, how easy it is to find you after searching with a specific keyword. If you have written content on that particular keyword, you would want to rank for that on the top. Because, the higher you are on the SERP, the higher number of visitors you receive. And that is the whole point, right?

But, you see, there are hundreds of other sites having content for that specific keyword. They are hanging on that side of the SERP that never gets visited. So, what went wrong with them? They couldn’t meet the standards for search engines to place them on top resulting in lower website visibility.

Don’t worry. We have got your back. Today you will learn how you can improve the website visibility for your website using a free SEO audit tool.

How SEO Audit Tool Helps To Improve Website Visibility

Find out below how the basic features of an SEO audit tool can help you increase website visibility.

1. Keep An Eye On The Competitors

Not just websites but for every offline and online business, knowing the competitors is crucial. Imagine you have manufactured a product that you think is going to benefit people. You packaged it and marketed it appropriately. But nobody is interested. why does it happen? Because the manufacturer had no idea what the customers expect and what they are getting from another seller of the same product. Only then you can create a product that will be unique and offer a better value.

That’s the same case for website owners. Maybe you have written quality content. But what do your readers expect from an article on that topic? And can you meet these expectations? What more can you add in your article that your competitors haven’t?

The SEO audit tool is designed to answer these mandatory questions before you even start creating content. Just open the tool and use the domain of your competitor’s website. You get their audit report within seconds. Now check which keywords are they ranking for? What pages get the most viewers?

Then you can also use those keywords in your writing to give a better head-up. And, follow the information they added in their top-ranking pages, so you know what should be added in yours and more.

2. Only Give Attention Where It’s Needed

If you keep dwelling on the current mistakes and give your 100% focus here, who is going to research on new keywords? That’s right. The best thing you can give your website is your time. The competition is fierce out there. You can’t afford to fall behind in providing quality content on trendy topics. After all, that’s one of Google’s newest algorithms. It states that websites that have niche-specific content in a large number will get priority over websites that have little content for a particular niche.

Thankfully, an SEO audit tool saves you the trouble to find every little mistake on the web pages. Rather it gives you a list of web pages that are currently ranking for a keyword. And, the pages that have the potential to be on the first SERP and the pages that are too far behind. How easier can it get?

Within a few clicks, you know where you need to focus and where you don’t. Just go to the links provided in the report and correct the pages with the most potential.

3. Measure The User Engagement

You are doing everything fine, but for some unknown reason can’t make it to the top? Even the websites with lower content quality are sitting above you?

We know, it sucks.

But the villain can be the user experience of your website. Yes, even with high-quality content and natural keyword placing, search engines can rank you outside the SERP. The aim is to only keep websites on top that can ensure a better user experience. That’s what we call customer satisfaction!

But that’s alarming news for website owners. To keep your position, you have to design a structure that will be user-friendly. For example, you didn’t link your other content throughout any article. So, people have trouble finding those. The title is not relevant to the content. Plus, you failed at identifying the search intent.

But where does an SEO audit tool play a role? Easy. You couldn’t have guessed which factor to focus on without running an audit test first. It checks the bounce rate of your articles. When people click on a website and go back after reading three to four lines, that’s a bounce. You could have invested your time rewriting the information when the problem was something else.

  1. Use Original Content

Paraphrased content is a big NO. This advice can never get old. And, there’s a reason behind it.

Search engines are smarter than ever now. Once it catches you, there will be harsh consequences including getting banned. Your content has to be plagiarism-proof.

Since a website has hundreds of pages, it will take a huge amount of time to detect each page for duplication. Don’t worry. SEO audit tool has the solution for this too. The audit also includes a duplication test. That means any page that contains copied paragraphs or sentences will be listed here along with the page link. So just go to the links and clean it up.

  1. Build A Strong Technical Infrastructure

Hundreds of SEO experts claim to push your ranking up overnight. Most of them try to enchant you with their on-page optimization skills. Guess what? These efforts might improve your rankings for the short term. But it is only a matter of time before somebody else will outrank you. So how to get out of this?

The most important thing to focus on is building a strong technical infrastructure. Imagine a building. You can renovate it in any way you like if the foundation is strong. That’s the same thing we are trying to explain here.

A strong technical side ensures that Google bots can understand you better and index you without any issue. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend your dollars manually identifying and listing all the technical errors. Imagine how hectic that would be!

Measuring your website’s crawl ability is one of the functions of an SEO audit tool. And, this is the category that yields the most precise reports. Since Google bots are nothing but automated software and so is the software of this tool. It can show you exactly how the crawlers perceive your website. So, you can immediately fix those errors and move on.

The free seo report generator will include information on 404 errors, 301 redirects, HTTP requests, XML sitemap, robots.txt file, and so on. Each of these elements gives a different signal to the crawlers. Which pages you want to index which pages are restricted etc can be managed through these. Not just that, you can make the bots understand what your website is about so they show you on top whenever a relevant keyword pop on the search bar.

Parting Words

In today’s age, you can’t expect anybody to wait longer to find out what you have to offer. Let alone going to the second SERP. It’s all a matter of a few seconds. That’s all you get.

That’s why you must take into account every factor that can affect your website visibility. And what can be a better supporter in this journey than an SEO audit tool full of features? So, save your valuable time and effort. Leave the burden on an SEO audit tool.

Once you have made sure people can see you, let your amazing contents do the rest.

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