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How to dress your baby boy for his first days

Dressing a newborn baby can be challenging for new parents, whether it’s a boy or girl. Read on for some incredible tips for dressing your newborn baby boy.

Dressing a newborn baby boy is more about common sense than fashion sense. There are no particular rules to follow. How you dress your child mostly differs depending on several factors like the weather, time, and the child. Whether it is boys pyjamas or daytime clothing, new parents could benefit from the following tips for dressing their baby boys for their first days;

Onesies are the way to go

You can never go wrong with onesies on a newborn. Onesies are synonymous with baby clothing. They cater to the needs of newborn babies that aren’t customed to wearing clothes. Onesies are great for newborn baby boys because they keep them fully covered and stay in place. Unlike regular tops, they do not move up and down as you carry the baby and move them around. The best newborn baby onesies come with snaps at the bottom to make changing diapers easier. The snaps eliminate the need for parents to undress their kids when changing their diapers completely. They are also easy to layer with other clothing pieces.

You can do no wrong with layers

Newborn baby boys would also benefit significantly from layering. Naturally, the season and weather will determine how many layers your baby needs to wear. The colder the seasons, the more layers your baby needs, and vice versa. You can dress your newborn baby boys with layers, including onesies, T-shirts, vests, jumpers, and pants.

Your newborn baby boy needs accessories

A newborn baby boy would do well with the following accessories;

  •  Soft skull caps- these will keep the baby warm in his first days: babies, especially newborns, lose heat through their heads. These hats or caps will prevent this.
  •  Thin mittens- these will prevent your baby from scratching and hurting themselves and keep them warm
  •  Socks- your newborn baby also needs several pairs of socks to keep his legs warm.
  •  Leg warmers- these are like sweaters for your baby boy’s legs. You can slip them over pants to keep them warm.

Go for footsies over regular pants

Footsies are pants with built-in feet. They eliminate the need for baby socks. Footsies are perfect for newborn babies because they stay in place. Newborn babies often have very tiny feet that socks get off easily. This is not the case with footsies. They are comfortable and will keep your baby warm. Depending on the weather, you can always go the extra mile of adding baby socks or leg warmers on top of the footsies.

Final words

While dressing your baby depending on the weather is the way to go, it may not count a lot for a baby in his first days. When kids are born, they have a hard time adjusting to the weather because they are used to the conditions in the womb. Therefore, what you consider warm may be cold for the baby. This is why a newborn baby boy needs to be dressed in warm clothing at all times, even when you think it’s hot. However, you must be careful not to overdo it. Remember, common sense is the way to go, even when picking boys pyjamas.

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