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How to reduce Your Energy bill?

There are two reasons why you should think about renovating your house, when it comes to energy. The first one is to save on the costs of heating and the second is to help save the planet, by reducing energy consumption. Both are important in today’s world and beneficial to one and all. Here is what you can do to reduce your energy bill, while helping to save the environment.

Do a Survey of the House

That is the first thing anyone should do before entering into major renovations. Otherwise, you could simply be missing the point at the end of the day, which would mean that you have spent a lot of money for nothing, since the issue causing you to spend money on heating won’t be solved. There are many parts in a house that can be letting in cold air during winter, or letting it out during the warm months. Without a survey done, it is impossible to be certain where they are located on yours. Below, you will find the most common culprits.

Change the Windows and Doors

That is usually one of the biggest problems on any house with a few years on them. Air tend to come from around the edges. Since they are many on a house, if they all have this issue, the loss of energy can be massive. You need to look into aluminium doors and windows, when you decide to make the change. That is because they are long-lasting and easy to take care of. Aluminium is the most ecological material that can be used on a house today, since it is recyclable forever. Check out the various models available at

But aluminium doors and windows have many other benefits. Since it is light and strong, you don’t need to have large frames anymore. That means more glass panes, which will let in a larger quantity of sun rays into the house. The quality of the glass is important when it comes to energy, as well as quantity. Nowadays, more people use windows that incorporate two, three or more glass sheets on one window. It is the best guarantee that there won’t be any energy loss.

Check the Attic

If your house has an attic, you will probably start looking into this part first. Heat goes up, and if it finds space to go out, it does. That leaves you to heat or refresh the house permanently, which raises the heating bill greatly. You will need to insulate your attic. To do so, there are different kinds of insulation material available. They can be categorized by prices, ease of installation, and most importantly through their efficiency.

Batting insulation comes in three grades: low, medium and high density. The higher it is, the lesser you need to do the work. It comes in rolls, and so it is easy to put in place. They are either made of mineral wool or fiberglass. Do not touch these materials without putting gloves on, first. As for loose fill insulation, they come in bags and they are meant to go into odd corners and strange angles, where batting insulation can not go.

Insulate the Basement

You should never leave a basement unfinished, at least to a minimum. If you need to start over, don’t hesitate to do it. Here is how. Take a polystyrene insulation panel on which you applied a foam board adhesive on the back, then press it to the wall. Do that all around the basement. On top of the polystyrene, you will place a wood grid, which will act as holder for the drywall. It needs to be a moisture-resistant green board. And don’t forget to create vertical and horizontal gaps, that will be used for electrical fixtures, later on. Once the boards are in place, your basement will be fully insulated.

Insulate Under the Floors

That is one of the things that we forget too often. It is not only a heating problem, but it can also become a health issue. Walking on cold floors, even with shoes, can cause you to catch a cold. So, here are the steps you need to take, to solve that problem, once and for all. Using a utility knife, cut an insulation sheet in the length that you need to cover. Normally, you will need to place a few of them, side-by-side. These insulations sheets have one side that possesses a vapor barrier. It needs to be place upward, where the living area is located, when used in the basement. On any other floors, use a sheet that does not have a vapor barrier. You can’t force the sheet into a small location, as it will need to expand with time. To keep it in place, use support wires, cut to the length you need.

Act Now

You may be afraid of the costs involved in renovating your house, but you should definitely act now. The truth is, in the end, you will end-up recuperating this money in a short time, and then save some. Look to be up-to-date in terms of today’s standards. You and your family will be happy that you made this decision, living much more comfortably then before.

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