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Kpop Plastic Surgery Obsession

Plastic surgery is becoming more affordable, safer, and better as technology advances, and it is becoming more popular all around the world.cNowhere is it gaining traction quicker than in South Korea, where one in every five women in Seoul has undergone some sort of surgery.

Korea is more concerned with becoming “western” than simply resembling Caucasians. It’s not like Korean women bring Jennifer Anniston and Kiera Knightly images to their cosmetic doctors. Despite their willingness to have surgery, it’s unusual to hear Korean women explain their desire for western characteristics as a wish to emulate Caucasians overtly. The connection between the long noses and almond-shaped eyes that Korean women yearn over and the desire to seem white, on the other hand, is not relatively as straightforward. A beauty standard established following years of Korean society idealizing American music artists, reinforced by the innumerable K-pop celebrities who have become South Korea’s most valuable cultural export. Will reveal about the kpop obsession. Keep Reading.

What’s all the hype about Kpop Plastic Surgery?

Three primary processes are used to get the K-pop appearance. It is possible to achieve a crease in the upper eyelid by performing double eyelid surgery, Asian blepharoplasty. The procedure entails altering the epicanthic fold above the eye to gain an upper eyelid with the crease. Asians with Western-looking eyes were thought to be more effective in dealing with individuals from Western nations; therefore, an American physician in Korea pioneered the technique in the 1950s and performed it for the first time. Since then, the procedure has been increasingly popular. Rhinoplasty, often known as a nose job, is commonly performed on young individuals who want to achieve the K-pop style. This procedure makes a broad or flat nose appear taller and narrower, which can help them achieve the look.

While these two treatments have been attacked as a form of self-directed racism since they reshape Asian characteristics to conform to a Western idea of beauty, the third type of surgery that creates a distinct and non-Western look is becoming increasingly popular these days as well. The treatment, known as V-line surgery, reshapes the jawline to produce a smaller, narrower face shape. It entails the removal or shaving bone from the lower jaw, which is done through an incision in the lower jaw bone.

Bottom Line

Nowhere is this more apparent than in South Korea, particularly among young people. Teenage girls typically receive cosmetic surgery as soon as they leave high school, with their parents seeing it as an investment in their futures. Korean pop music performers have significantly influenced the style, many of whom publicly acknowledge having undergone surgery to attain a specific look: a tiny face, huge eyes with double lids, a small or high nose, and a narrow chin.

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