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Learn all the differences between shredders

In the past few years, shredders have been used more and more as a way to protect the environment from harmful chemicals. The shredding process breaks down the materials into small pieces which can be recycled or composted easily.

Shredders are machines that can be used to destroy documents and other papers. They are used for various purposes, like keeping confidential documents safe or disposing of old documents.

Shredders are a great way to recycle plastic and paper that can’t be recycled in your curbside bin. Shredders are a convenient way to get rid of your unwanted documents, credit cards, and other personal information.

Vecoplan offers 40 models of shredders in Cutmetall.  From pre-shredders, secondary and universal shredders to dosing feeders.

Vecoplan models

Let’s have a look at each shredding type Vecoplan has to offer:

  • Pre-shredders are devices that shred papers into small pieces before they go into the shredder. This is done to reduce the chance of paper jamming.
  • The secondary shredder is a type of shredder that is used to shred material that is too large to be processed in a cross-cut shredder.  Some examples of materials that are shredded in a secondary shredder are paper, cardboard, plastic, and metal.
  • The universal shredder is an efficient way to dispose of sensitive information. This is because it will destroy the data on the item without leaving behind any evidence that it was ever shredded.
  • The dosing feeder is a machine that is used for feeding material to a shredder. It can be used to feed any type of material, including paper, plastic, metal and wood. The feeder can be set up to function automatically or manually.  It has various applications in the modern world, from recycling to food processing.

Types of shredders

Also, there are different types of shredders that we present below:

  • A stationary single screw shredder is mainly used in industrial plants and can be fitted with a variety of knives to create different sized chips for the specific use.
  • A stationary twin screw shredder has two rotating screws that crush the paper into small pieces, The stationary Twin Shredder is a two-shaft shredding machine. It has a large feed opening and a higher throughput than a single shaft shredder. The machine is suitable for the shredding of plastic, paper, cardboard and other materials.
  • The mobile twin screw shredder can be mounted on a truck or trailer and transported to various locations for use. It has two rotating screws inside, which continually turn and crush the materials as they are fed into this machine. There are two hoppers on either side of the machine which feed material into these rotating screws. The first one feeds in paper, cardboard, plastic film and other recyclable materials while the second one feeds in metal objects such as cans and aluminum foil.
  • A stationary two-shaft dosing shredder is a machine that shreds the material by rotating the shafts. It has a cutting disk and a grinding wheel. The cutting disk is used to cut the material into small pieces and then, the grinding wheel grinds it into finer particles.

Power to shred

Finally, we are going to explain the two ways a crusher is powered:

  • Electric drive shredder.. It can be used in any type of shredder. It has been designed to provide the most efficient way to shred paper. There are different types of shredding methods, but this one is designed for continuous operation.
  • Diesel drive shredder. Is a construction machine that is used to break down materials. The machine is usually used for recycling purposes, but can also be used for demolition purposes.

The use of industrial shredders has been on the rise as more and more people work on environmental conservation projects. This machine helps in reducing the amount of waste that goes into landfills and also helps in recycling products.

Industrial shredders are a must for any environmental conservation project. The machine helps reduce the amount of waste that is transported to landfills and can be easily disposed of. It has been on the rise as more and more people become aware of the environment and the effects it has on their way of life.

Industrial shredders help in the recycling process because they reduce the volume of waste by up to 90%. They also produce recycled material that is clean and ready for reuse.

Shredders are machines that evolve and have become essential in all recycling processes that contribute to protecting the environment

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