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LocalTrade: overview of the exchange and reviews of the new product LocalTrade University

Cryptocurrency exchange LocalTrade is one of the leaders of the renewed cryptocurrency market. Having started in 2018, this project quickly made its way to the leading positions in the sphere and is rapidly gaining a pool of regular users.

In this article, we will talk about this exchange, its features, unique chips and everything that makes the choice in favor of trading on LocalTrade the right decision for both a beginner and someone who is looking for a new site for trading decentralized tokens.

How LocalTrade’s reliability is proven

It is impossible to talk about what exchange is reliable, convenient and in demand without actual evidence of these words. And such evidence in the case of LocalTrade is. This exchange has already gained recognition not only among ordinary users, but also among the acknowledged experts who gave the site an award, confirming its correct vector of development.

In mid-fall 2021, the exchange’s key executives and officials visited one of the world’s most prestigious annual blockchain events – Crypto Expo Dubai. There, they gave unique lectures about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and future updates to their site, and received a unique award.

Aaron Levi Yalom (CEO of the exchange) and his colleagues have earned the title “Most Trusted Crypto Project of 2021” for their site, thanks to their effective work in creating a seamless and user-friendly LocalTrade exchange. This title cannot be bought, it can only be earned. And this trading platform achieved it by implementing a number of features, many of which do not even have analogues among competitors:

  • The ability to leverage DeFi and CeFi investment opportunities within a single LocaTrade exchange ecosystem;
  • Available conventional spot trading as well as high risk, high yield leveraged trading;
  •  Ongoing promotions and events that allow you to earn extra income based on your efficient trading on the LocalTrade exchange;
  •  Constant development of the website engine and the trading terminal, which are being improved in terms of convenience and functionality, as well as by the stability of the connection and the ultimate minimization of any possible lags;
  • Launch, support and filling of the LocalTrade University purely volunteer educational project, which aims to increase the knowledge, experience and skills of exchange users, and is implemented both online (articles, videos, manuals, instructions) and offline (lectures, meetings, speeches by the best experts in the blockchain industry).

All these chips were studied in detail for their effectiveness and were highly appreciated by the jury of the Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 event. The LocalTrade exchange set the bar high, which next year will be difficult to surpass, both for itself and for those who will fight to pass the title to some other cryptocurrency trading platform.

LocalTrade exchange overview, as well as reviews of its work

Reviews about this trading platform from its active users are the best indicator that will demonstrate the right choice in favor of registering on the exchange LocalTrade. The high standards, the benefits of trading, the safety of saving tokens in the wallet of the exchange and other its other positive features are confirmed by the words of its regular traders.

They often point to the characteristics that have led LocalTrade to become their primary site for trading bitcoin, etherium, litecoin, and other decentralized and centralized currencies:

  1.  A dozen and a half language versions of the exchange interface create a huge multinational community of users who form a highly liquid market with good market prices that are extremely close to the global average.
  2. More than hundreds of cryptocurrency pairs make the exchange a universal platform for those who are not strangers to experimentation: you can invest and trade in both major and well-known currencies and exotic tokens, which can give dozens or even hundreds of X’s to their investors over the course of a year.
  3. Depositing account with dozens of fiat currencies allows you to become a cryptocurrency investor in minutes after creating an account – everyone just need to deposit their national currency via Visa/MasterCard and purchase for it the desired cryptocurrency for subsequent saving or trading. And withdrawal back into fiat is always available on the same exchange.
  4.  For those who keep their coins on the online wallet LocalTrade, it is always available to earn on various subspecies of staking and deposit investments.
  5. The referral system of the exchange allows you to create a permanent passive income based on 20% commissions, which will be paid by the invited users.
  6. The absence of verification requirements will appeal to those who do not like various document checks and leaking transactions information to state regulators.
  7. Availability of safe and reliable LTT (LocalTrade Token – BEP20 standard asset, which will be a link in exchange ecosystem), which allows earning possibilities for those who will invest into the coin at the first stages of IDO and will keep the asset after its completion.
  8.  The presence of a unique tool called Neo Broker, which allows to invest in reliable American companies at the stage of Pre-IPO, which combines two separate economies (cryptocurrency and classic), and also gives the opportunity to invest in a company with medium risk before it shoots several times at the IPO stage.
  9.  The implementation of a user-friendly lunchpad, which allows start-up crypto projects to raise the first funds for their implementation (ICO with LocalTrade), and users to give these investments more safely and securely.
  10. Availability of a convenient multi-currency wallet, which is tied to a single account and allows you to store dozens of different cryptocurrencies without security concerns.

Making investments, passive income and trading through the LocalTrade exchange is convenient and practical. Anyone can do it, regardless of age, status or place of residence. The only requirements are a stable Internet and a computer or a mobile device, for which the exchange website is perfectly optimized.

The growth of interest in LocalTrade is stable and enables it to rise in the ratings of daily trading volumes. Users from the countries with a long and stable interest in investing in digital assets, as well as inhabitants of the regions where this trend is emerging, are becoming new clients of the exchange.

LocalTrade University: volunteer activities of exchange management

LocalTrade’s managers and protagonists are not looking to make as much money here and now as possible. Their main goal at this stage is to build a stable, well-educated in the blockchain economy and a successful community. Their goal is to create an association of traders and investors who are stable and successful in their interaction specifically with the LocalTrade project.

For this purpose, as well as in any other sphere, one of the most correct decisions is to invest in education of the new generation – the new generation of users.

For this purpose LocalTrade University was created – an organization with its own section on the exchange platform. This section is a special encyclopedia of knowledge about trading, blockchain, investments, strategies and other things. The site is constantly updated with guides, manuals, review articles, materials with secrets and strategies from experienced market participants.

But that’s not all. LocalTrade University plans regular offline tours with open lectures in all the key regions of the world. There, the best experts from the project will:

·        give lectures;

·        hold seminars;

·        Show their approaches and activities in practice;

·        answer questions from the community.

LocalTrade University’s cryptocurrency education tour is already underway in the Latin America region and will continue there until February 2022. The rapidly growing region, where a number of countries are already thinking about full legalization of some cryptocurrencies, has huge potential for the industry in general and for LocalTrade in particular.

LocalTrade University’s educational platform is designed to be at the helm of the development of the global blockchain sector. Starting now with the Latin America region, the exchange will organize and conduct large-scale offline tours that will take place in all other regions of the world (Europe, Asia, North America, Africa) and will improve the literacy of beginners in such areas as:

  •  Making money in the cryptocurrency market from scratch in terms of knowledge and investment;
  • prospectivity and actual figures of DeFi investing;
  •  Cryptocurrency mining, its types and profitability;
  • Cryptocurrency stacking as an alternative to classic mining;
  • ICO, as an excellent tool for investing in promising projects at the bottom of their value;
  • the differences between centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency trading platforms;
  •  the right strategies and approaches to forming a cryptocurrency investment portfolio;
  • many other topics, which are important for formation of correct knowledge in the sphere.

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