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Moving House? Don’t Forget Update These Services:

The process of moving is financially, physically and mentally draining. Studies have shown that moving house is one of the most stressful situations a person can experience and, with stress, naturally come mistakes… like forgetting to update all your necessary services. Not to worry, this article is here to help! Below is a list of all the top services you must update when you’re moving home including one AMAZING hack that will help you save hours of time and hundreds of pounds on your next move:

Royal Mail:

It is optional to notify Royal Mail of your address change by setting up a redirection. Forwarding your mail can help avoid issues like lost mail, identity theft and other individuals getting access to your information.

If you are moving into a new flat or house royal mail post redirection may be established in advance before you move in. However, it is advised to set it at least 6-12 months ahead of time to avoid any issues along the way. To do redirect your address via Royal Mail, you’ll need to take the time and fill out their form online, then pay their redirect charges on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis.

Banks & Institutions:

It’s also important to notify your bank of your new address so that they have your up-to-date information. Make sure you inform all your banks, lenders, car insurance, and any other financial institutions.

If you keep your bank informed, they’ll be able to contact you quickly in case of an emergency, and any critical paperwork like bank statements, PINs, new cards, and other data will stay out of the wrong hands.

Home Insurance:

Before you relocate, be sure to notify your current insurance provider about the new residence so that they can verify whether you’re still covered. Although building insurance is required as part of your mortgage agreement and whether you’re renting or purchasing a home, it’s strongly advised and essential to safeguard your belongings from harm or loss throughout the transfer process as well as after. It gives security and protection for your valuables.

Meter Readings:

Before you move, make sure to check the water, gas, and electricity meter readings. Most businesses will have a change of address form on their website; you may have to search on Google or call them if they don’t.

If you relocate, the same gas and electricity companies should be able to supply you with service, however you may still have to switch providers when you move. If you’re not under a long-term contract with the provider, though, use the opportunity to look into different suppliers to save money by switching over to firms that provide comparable services.

TV License Change of Address:

If you currently own a TV in your residence and want to watch television in your new home, you must notify Television Licensing about your move. This can be done online, over the phone or via post. This is also best completed before your moving date.

You may change your information for TV licensing on the website –

Broadband update:

If you have broadband, notify your provider that you’ve relocated immediately. Most broadband and landline providers will allow you to move your existing service to your new address for no additional charge if they provide the same services in the new location.

The simple thing you can do to save time and effort is to contact your provider in advance to check that they will still provide services in your new home. They might be able to provide options such as a credit or refund for the remainder of your contract term if you have any outstanding on your account.

Council Tax Change of Address:

This one is incredibly important. If you relocate without notifying the council, you could lose certain liberties like the ability to vote in future elections, overpay council tax at your previous council, receive bills that aren’t yours and much more. You can update your council tax change on their website, via phone or by post.

School Change of Address:

If you have children who are going to a local school and your new home will be outside of the area, notify both the old and new schools about the date you anticipate moving. This way, they can be prepared for your child to continue their studies once you’re settled in your new home.

NHS Change of Address:

If you’re relocating from a place where you have a regular GP, dentist, and opticians, you’ll likely need to change your providers. When you move into your new residence location, you’ll need to re-register with those services via the NHS website. If you receive prescription orders for medicine, glasses, or any other requirements; those will need to be changed as well.

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