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Typical breakdowns of LG washing machines and their causes

Washing machines of the South Korean company LG are of excellent quality and reliability, but sometimes they also have breakdowns that can be fixed at home and in a specialized household appliance repair shop. Most of the causes of washing machine breakdowns can be determined by the owner themselves, since the operating mode indicators are displayed on the display of household appliances with the LG logo (the LG logo appeared in 1995 after the merger of all subsidiaries of the Lucky Group Corporation into a single brand LG (Lucky Goldstar)).

The most common types of breakdowns

The reason for the majority of breakdowns of household appliances with the LG logo, according to statistics, is the blocking of the operation of hotel components and assemblies by the electronic system of the washing machine, due to insufficient or excessive voltage in the network, low water pressure in the water supply system, not completely closed door or improper loading of laundry. In such cases, you just need to press the plug more tightly in the electrical outlet, open the water tap completely, or close the machine door properly.

In addition to the listed breakdowns, most often there are malfunctions associated with:

    • a drum that stops rotating or a large amount of foam in the tank;

    • increased noise background, knocking and creaking, which is heard from the operating unit;

    • too slow filling of the washing machine with water, slow outflow of water from the tank or water leakage.

Possible causes of malfunctions and breakdowns

Malfunctions and errors of LG washing machines do not always require the intervention of home appliance repair shops. So, if no water enters the washing machine tank, the cause may be excessive compression of the water inlet hose or the water supply tap not fully open. The cause of a malfunction in the water drain system is a clogged filter in the hoses through which water is supplied or drained.

Knocking and creaking during the operation of the washing machine may indicate the presence of foreign objects that are in the drum or pump or exceeding the recommended amount of laundry loaded into the drum.

A water leak is usually caused by a loose connection between the water supply hose and the faucet or washing machine. Clogged drain pipes can cause a lot of foam to form in the tank.

Excessive vibration of the washing machine indicates looseness on the floor of all legs, the possible presence of parts of the packaging or temporary bolts. All of the problems listed above can be easily fixed on your own at home.

LG washing machine breakdowns requiring repair in the workshop

It is much more difficult to determine the causes and eliminate the breakdowns associated with the operation of the engine. The motor of the LG washing machine may not work due to a malfunction in the electrical network, due to which the circuit breaker system has tripped or a faulty fuse. In a washing machine with a belt drive, the drive belt may be loose or worn, requiring replacement at a specialized appliance repair shop.

You should also contact the service center specialists in case of overloading the electric motor of the washing machine, overfilling the tank with water or failure of the display sensors. The causes of these malfunctions can only be identified after a complete diagnosis of the washing machine using special equipment.

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