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Where to buy diamond tennis bracelets in Dubai?

Did you know that diamonds can be purchased from Dubai at prices up to 30% less than other countries, making it an excellent place to buy diamond jewelry? Dubai jewelry stores offer the best prices and high-quality diamonds, professional service, and fine jewelry.

You should be aware that buying a diamond can be quite complex. It is good to get an idea of the 4 C’s (cut, color, clarity, and carats) to ensure that you get the best deal. 

Let’s quickly go through the details:

What do the 4 ‘Cs’ refer to?

The four Cs are the criteria used by experts to assess a diamond’s quality. The quality of a diamond depends on these factors – cut, clarity, color, and carats.


The cut is basically how well a diamond is designed and reflects light from one facet to another. That determines how much sparkle comes from a stone as well as its brilliance. Diamonds with good proportions create more fire and light returns than those with balanced designs. It is what makes them appear shiny, clear, and attractive. The cut is the only factor that affects a diamond’s sparkle or fire which means it can be used as an accurate measure of the overall quality of a diamond.


The clarity indicates a diamond’s flawless and clear but does not refer to noticeable inclusions or blemishes. A stone with an included characteristic may still meet the clarity requirements of the GIA if it has none of these characteristics that can be seen with 10x magnification under controlled lighting and viewing conditions. Diamonds are sorted according to their clarity using the standard GIA scales of I – SI2. 


The color aspect of a diamond refers to its degree of yellow/brown tinting and is used as an indicator for the presence and absence of chemical impurities which affect its appearance. In most cases, colored diamonds are rarer than colorless ones.


Carats refer to the size of a diamond and are measured in metric carats, not imperial stones. One metric carat weighs 0.2 grams, whereas an imperial stone weighs 1/5th of that at 0.40 grams. Diamonds are sorted according to their weight into two groups, the “desirable” and the “popular”.

Buying online from Dubai Jewelers:

You can purchase diamonds from any reputable online source, but ensure that the site is secure. The best practice is to avoid buying diamonds from classified sites. That does not mean that you should only buy from established Dubai jewelry stores, but make sure that the site has a secure payment system that can be verified. Some sites may offer discounts for large purchases or online catalogs available 24/7. 

You can also find and work with diamond curators to help you create a custom design. They will also guide you if you are looking for ways to save some costs. Fergus James is a great option that offers custom engagement rings and diamond bracelets at great prices.

The most important thing about choosing your diamond is that it should be the highest quality and meet the 4C criteria. If you are looking to buy a diamond in Dubai, make sure that you understand what it’s all about before buying or getting an expert opinion.

Where to buy diamond bracelets in Dubai? 

The answer is simple- go to any jewelry store in Dubai. Prices for diamonds will be much lower than elsewhere globally, including other emirates of the UAE, countries such as India, or America. What makes it an excellent place to shop for diamonds? Suppose you want a wide selection of diamond jewelry at reasonable prices. In that case, you should certainly consider going to a major city where there are concentrated industries of manufacturing and wholesaling of gold and diamond jewelry items. 

Things to remember when buying jewelry from Dubai:

When purchasing diamond jewelry in Dubai, make sure to bring along a gemological certificate from a reputed institute. That will help you determine the genuineness of the stone and get an idea about the price it might fetch if sold at another location. Original certificates may be needed to claim warranty or insurance on your purchase.

Buying your diamond tennis bracelets in Dubai will save you money and allow you to receive the best quality diamonds at the lowest price.

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