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Will Modern Farmhouse Go Out of Style in 2022? We Believe Not

Trends come and go, which is precisely what makes them trends. They have a finite lifespan – as does everything that becomes temporarily fashionable.

This is something interior designers are always mindful of, when looking to create interiors with long-term appeal. If you’re going to invest time, effort and money in making your home look and feel great, you want to know the effect will last.

Sadly, this is where following the latest fads can prove counterproductive. They look great today, but quickly lose their lustre. At which point, the only options are to start again from scratch, or be content with interiors you’re not particularly happy with.

All of which can be avoided by opting for a look that’s genuinely timeless. Something that looks as good today as it did right back at its origins. The modern farmhouse look being a prime example, which has been at the forefront of attractive interior design for generations.

Perfectly balanced in form with function, modern farmhouse creates cosy and inviting interior spaces that are also perfectly practical. Hence, to suggest the modern farmhouse look will ever go out of style is to miss the mark entirely.

What Makes Modern Farmhouse So Desirable?

Putting your finger on exactly what it is that makes the modern farmhouse look so universally desirable isn’t easy. At the same time, it’s hard to deny the following points of appeal the modern farmhouse look can bring to any interior space:

The beauty of nature

One of the defining characteristics of the modern farmhouse look is natural materials, textures and colour schemes. Essentially, you’re looking to bring a little of the outdoors indoors.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways – both with strategic furniture selection and the right ornamental touches. A beautiful wooden extendable dining table is just the thing for a farmhouse kitchen, complemented with raw wooden picture frames, dried flower arrangements and exposed brickwork.

It’s a case of taking things back to basics, letting nature be your inspiration as you go.

Beautiful bursts of colour

Another characteristic of the modern farmhouse look is the predominant use of neutral tones throughout. Something that creates a beautifully simple and minimalist look, while serving as the perfect blank canvas for adding a burst of colour.

With a predominantly neutral colour scheme, you need only add a tiny hint of colour here and there to bring something truly eye-catching into the space. A piece of attractive artwork, a feature wall, the strategic inclusion of colourful ornaments and so on.

Even simply by painting the trim around the room a contrasting colour, the result can be quite remarkable.

Strong focus on practicality

It’s also worth remembering how traditional farmhouse design and décor always prioritised practicality over presentation. These were the kinds of dwellings in which nothing was more important than staying safe, warm and productive.

This is why the modern farmhouse style is so synonymous with fantastically practical living spaces. Beautifully old fashioned kitchens combined with modern appliances, spacious living rooms with minimal clutter and just a scattering of simple decorations for a cosy vibe.

What’s also great about the modern farmhouse look is how you’re never far from inspiration. Antique stores, charity shops and online marketplaces in particular can be fantastic for picking up dated and distressed treasures for your timeless interiors.

The essence of timelessness

Last up, modern farmhouse is one of the few looks that encapsulates what it means to be timeless. Farmhouse interiors have been incredibly appealing throughout the course of history, which is why we continue our attempts to emulate them even today.

Where an approach to interior design has looked fantastic for hundreds of years, you know the same will prove true indefinitely. Along with being a comparatively affordable way to decorate the home, modern farmhouse guarantees unbeatable value for money. Particularly given how the ornaments, accessories and trinkets needed to make the place your own cost next to nothing.

Quite simply, get it right with a modern farmhouse makeover and you’re set indefinitely. Perhaps with the exception of an occasional lick of paint, nothing more is needed to maintain your home’s charm and appeal long-term.

Something that cannot be said for most interior design themes, and precisely why the modern farmhouse will not go out of style in 2022!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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