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Video advertising is one of the best ways of generating sales for businesses that have already made their presence felt in the market. It is also a good way of finding new audiences and creating brand engagement for startups.

Undoubtedly, video is the undisputed king in the world of digital content. Thanks to ad networks and social channels, it is easy to create videos and spread the same naming audiences. That’s the reason why more and more brands are getting involved in video advertising.

But, it’s not enough to merely create video ads for proper brand engagement. You must create something really excellent and perfectly tailored to the audience if you want to stand out in the market. Well, you’ll need a good video ad maker to look impressive in the market.

Take ideas from these seven stunning video advertising campaigns from brands and businesses along with the strategies that make them successful and inspire your advertisements in the future.

1.   Dollar Shave Club: Our Blades are Great

If there’s a prince in the world of video advertising, then this viral hit video advertisement from Dollar Shave Club is one. There are not many things right in this ad with a completely cluttered but interesting background and a punchy joke, but it is still the prince of video advertisements.

It’s just a 15-second ad completely spot-on for audiences between 18 and 35 years, specifically men. The ad makes the viewers laugh, making them feel a bit foolish for spending exorbitantly on razors. The advertisement finally directs the viewers to the site of the company.

The key takeaway of this ad is it gives viewers a complete idea of the brand without taking much time and without spending too much.

2.   Geico: Unskippable

The pre-roll advertisements on YouTube give audiences the option of skipping after five seconds. However, some brands have used this medium cleverly. This refreshing and super simple stroke from Geico – the American insurance provider, is perfect.

Geico laid total emphasis on the first five seconds of its ad, considering that YouTube pre-roll ads are generally skipped. The brand has created an expectation among the viewers in such a way that they are forced to watch the ad right till the end.

The ad is quite long, but it is the length that makes it so funny or awkward. The video advert does not have any CTA, but the brand logo is right there in the centre of the screen throughout the ad, ensuring high brand awareness.

Overall, this is an exclusively quirky ad campaign that makes the viewers smile instead of feeling frustrated.

3.   Knorr: Love at First Taste

Knorr, the food brand popular for its stock pots and sauces, has made an advertisement campaign for individuals with an undying love for flavours. The advertisement has been specifically customized to grab success on social media platforms.

In its video ad campaign, Knorr has successfully tapped into the craving on social media platforms for different types of videos featuring romance, real-life situations, and food. Knorr ran its ad campaign across YouTube, Facebook, and other social networking sites and has even partnered with Tasty, the foodie community, for spreading its video.

The best thing about Knorr’s ad campaign is that it has been edited perfectly for the social media platforms and even features subtitles for the viewers to have a good time watching the ad without sound.

4.   Always: Like a Girl

This ad campaign from Always has strategically transformed an insult into a message of empowerment for bringing greater self-confidence among women and girls. The ad even appeals to the next generation of consumers.

The brand successfully handled the harmful stereotypes that label girls and women lesser than men through this inspirational and powerful advertisement.

This ad’s success mantra comes as a YouTube pre-roll ad for maximizing reach and views.

5.   Squarespace: Make Your Next Move

Video advertisements are not just for brand awareness, but they are even used for targeting leads at almost any stage in the buyer’s journey. The gorgeous visuals in the ad campaign from Squarespace immediately catch the audience’s attention. The story of one of its customers in the form of a snapshot is also good.

This is a one-of-a-kind ad for building social proof and staying right on top of the minds of those already aware of the company. It is a retargeting ad campaign that comes off as one of the perfect ways of promoting a brand.

For those looking for consistent and confident brand video advertising for connecting leads, making this type of ad with the help of an ad maker will be great.

6.   Burger King: Pre-Roll

Making your business funny in front of the viewers can also breathe fresh air into an advertisement, especially for savvy viewers. And that’s what Burger King has been successful at.

This is a clever bit of advertising that uses the potential of Google AdWords for playing advertisements before certain YouTube videos based on keywords and content. The key here is that Burger King has used some of the most trending and popular videos in New Zealand to advertise and catch the attention of young men in the country.

7.   Volvo Trucks: The Technician

The ad campaign from Volvo Trucks aims to showcase its products but with a bit of exclusiveness and style. Its video advertisements called Live Tests feature incredible live stunts highlighting the attributes of trucks from Volvo.

All its videos are noteworthy stunts featuring visual appeal and even engaging stories. The ad campaign by Volvo does the job of gaining awareness by grabbing views that potentially lead to engagement from prospective customers.

The video is considered interesting because it has been successful in generally exactly the company’s reaction from its prospective consumers: disbelief, admiration, and excitement.

Final Thoughts

Of course, it will take some time and even a bit of forethought to create a powerful video advertisement, but once you are successful in this, there will be no other more effective way of getting to your target audience.

The time that goes into creating advertisements can be saved by using a video ad maker that comes loaded with features and benefits that can work for the video creators.

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