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Benefits of Calculating Milling Force, Torque, and Power

Most machine operators get a good sense of the force, torque and power needed for a particular milling job. However, it is considered a best practice to use a milling power calculator to work out these values. Why are these calculations necessary? What are the benefits of doing the math first? Learning why and how to do these calculations will help your milling results.

Why Both Doing the Math?

You may wonder why it is important to do the math when you can successfully run your mill without doing so. These are the key benefits:

  • Efficiency: With the numbers worked out correctly, it is possible to run the machine much more efficiently. This is true for both individual jobs and overall machine uptime.
  • Better Project Plans: Additionally, you can ensure that you have planned your project precisely. This can result in better results from your finished products. Plus, you will likely see much longer service lives from your mill inserts.
  • Reduced Mistakes: If you are unsatisfied with the number of workpieces that need to be scrapped and/or redone, calculations may be the answer. The greater efficiency and accuracy of your work can greatly reduce the number of mistakes.

4 Ways To Determine Calculations

There are a few ways to determine the calculations for a project. You can do them by hand or with a standard calculator. This process is relatively slow and error-prone. However, it does have the benefit of exposing you to the mathematics of machine operation.

Another option is to follow a reference table. Many machines have reference materials with pre-done calculations that can help you to configure the machine correctly. This is not very precise, but it is fast and easy.

You can create a spreadsheet with all the formulas you need. This option will require a bit more work upfront. However, it will be fast and easy each time you need to run a calculation. Of course, you will need access to your spreadsheet.

Finally, you can use one of Kennametal’s numerous calculators. We make it easy to run these calculations for each project you need to work on. All you need is a device with a browser to use one of our calculators.

High-Performance Tools That Have More Than One Capability

When you know exactly what each project needs, you can make better choices about the tools you will use. For example, with indexable milling tools, you can take advantage of the full range of your mill’s capabilities. Many machine shop tools can be used for a variety of different work processes depending on the inserts and settings you use. Kennametal can help you get the most from your tool investments with our high-performance, multi-functional tooling.

Discover More About Milling Calculations

Kennametal makes it easy to run the calculations for all your milling projects. With our calculators, a good-quality milling machine and a solid carbide end mill, you will be ready to achieve optimal results with your next workpiece. Check out our solutions today.

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