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CCTV in the home. The right solution for your security needs?

Looking at how CCTV can help you in the home, and what to consider when watching the world.

The world is getting smaller and busier and a little bit more worrying every day. Since the end of 2019, especially, our homes have taken on even greater significance in our lives as we strive for our very own Shangri la. But how can we make sure we, our family and our property remain safe?

This article is written by A.P.E Fire & Security, one of the leading providers of CCTV Installation in Bristol.


Short for Closed Circuit Television, CCTV is a security monitor system that allows you to keep a close and careful eye on your home and its surroundings. Unlike normal television which transmits its images publicly, CCTV transmits its images via a closed-loop, meaning that it ends up in your recording device only. These images can then be stored and reviewed later. 

Why have CCTV?

Having CCTV in and around your property makes a great deal of sense for anyone who may be concerned about the risk posed to their home. There are numerous great benefits to having CCTV. 


A burglary takes place for example every 108 seconds in the UK, with a staggering £181 million stolen from homes in London alone, every year, whilst the average cost across the country for residential burglary is £3030. But it’s easy not to become a statistic. A 2012 study of burglars found that 60% of burglars wouldn’t attempt to enter a property if it had a surveillance system. But don’t believe you can fool them with a fake camera. Most career thieves can tell if a camera is real, or even turned on. Of course, a camera will not deter all thieves. This is why it’s a great idea to install an intruder alarm to the property as well so the two can complement each other.  

Aiding prosecution. 

If you have been unlucky enough to have been burgled, even with a CCTV system, then this is where the second level of your camera comes in. The police will use your footage for anything from looking at what time the offence happened to reading number plates to getting facial recognition. Whilst that won’t help with the trauma of having someone in your home, it will help the police convict those who did it, at least allowing you some measure of closure. 

Insurance premiums. 

House insurance is expensive. Premiums are rising, excesses are getting bigger and the hold times are getting longer. Luckily a security camera can help. Apart from the hold times, anyway. By adding an extra layer of security to your home your insurance provider acknowledges that the risk of you having to make a claim is lower, thereby reducing the overall cost of your policy. By making an initial investment, the overall savings could reach hundreds of pounds a year. 

Remote monitoring

Off out for the night or taking a well deserved holiday and don’t want to leave your home unattended? Well, with modern CCTV any smartphone or tablet can be linked up to your monitoring device. This not only allows you to monitor your home at will, but it can also alert you to any movement, sound or light that the CCTV detects, giving you lasting peace of mind. But it’s not just monitoring for thieves that you can use the CCTV for. If you need to pop out and can’t take your pet with you, for example, then you can keep a lookout, making sure your frisky four-legged friend isn’t getting up to any mischief.

Set up

Having your domestic CCTV set up is quick and easy, especially if you use one of the great CCTV installation companies in your area. The installation will usually be a part of the whole package, creating lasting peace of mind. 

This all makes it sound as though getting CCTV is the answer, and it most likely is. But there are some challenges that come with it. 


The UK government has released Guidance on the use of Domestic CCTV which sets out the conditions you must follow if using CCTV on your property. These range from letting your neighbours be aware you are recording to making sure that only your property is being recorded. A guide for this is to set up your CCTV so it stops at your boundary. If you capture someone else’s property then this could be considered intrusive and could lead to trouble.

There are numerous ways to keep your home and your family safe, but none are as simple, easy and worry-free as installing your own domestic CCTV. So order one today, and keep an eye on your life.

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