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Centuro Bring Their Global Expansion Conference To London in 2022

The notion of international expansion is one that many entrepreneurs may take for granted. A certain ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’ mentality accompanies the prospect of conducting business abroad. Commonly misconstrued is the idea that growing into the global market simply involves a company doing what it already does, just somewhere else. But successful international business people recognize the actual reality – that investment in foreign opportunities necessitates a vast understanding of the requirements of the chosen market and the global economy at large. However, the problem is that many entrepreneurs do not know where to start, their ambitions curtailed by barriers of knowledge.

@centuroglobal, and its passionate CEO Zain Ali, have already set about combatting this problem and revolutionizing international expansion through the Centuro platform. Combining a comprehensive knowledge base of compliance requirements and an active community of professional experts, Centuro is benefitting businesses at this very moment. 2022 offers a new opportunity for those who wish to expand their understanding of globalized business. Global Expansion Conference in London from May 25th – 26th, 2022, and promises a carefully curated crash course in international expansion in the present day.

The first thing to note about Global Expansion Conference 2022 is that it is not only the brainchild of the  Centuro Global team. Keen to represent views from across the world, the event’s agenda was co-created in collaboration with some of the most influential business leaders from across the globe. While the Centuro Global team has the comprehensive insight necessary to develop the platform of the future, they understand that the subject area contains immeasurable detail, which is crucial to the efficient transition of a business onto the international stage. They hope that the event will tailor itself to the needs of willing attendees by providing perspectives from various nations and industries.

Of course, those insights also need to be presented, which is why Global Expansion Conference 2022 boasts over 30 speakers from different business spheres. Participants are valuably varied in age, sex, industry, race, and position, helping to represent the true diversity of worldwide business. The likes of the astronaut, author, and Wimmer Financial CEO Per Wimmer make up the glistening line-up, alongside figures such as World Cup winning Brazilian footballer, Gilberto Silva, and  TV presenter Natalie Korneitsik as well as  the key people in Centuro Global itself. These esteemed speakers aim to share thoughts, words, and inspirations from five of the Earth’s continents.

Thematically, Global Expansion Conference 2022 is set to cover some of the most pressing issues in international business today. Day one purports to address critical topics such as technology, talent, and the skill gap, while day two will provide invaluable tip-offs on boosting economic recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. All of the event’s themes may not directly correspond to each business person in attendance, but by grasping opportunities that they previously may not have been aware of, entrepreneurs can ensure the futureproof success of their pursuits. 

Hosting the seminal conference in London was no accident either. Taking place at the impressive Four Seasons Hotel Venue, surrounded by the capital’s greenery and most coveted shopping streets drew Centuro Global to that beautiful hotel. “We have chosen to host our conference here to match the city’s atmosphere of inspiration and innovation,” the hosts explain, keen to evoke the pioneering spirit of the event’s potential.

Attendees are encouraged to engage with the dynamic event, too, as they choose either a Member or Non-Member package to enjoy exclusive festivities. Both include access to standout features, including an awards dinner, which consists of a three-course meal and entertainment. While speakers form a cornerstone of the event’s modus operandi, value-defining industry workshops are also available. Each is crafted to allow participants to solve real-world issues relating to international expansion, helping to prepare them for the complexities of global markets practically.

Moreover, Global Expansion Conference 2022 doubles as a networking opportunity, enabling access to many leaders from the global business community. Individuals are therefore empowered to forge relevant connections with like-minded people, conducive to furthering the expansion goals of their business. The star-studded line-up of participants and activities will likely attract a wealth of innovators from across the world, which only promises to expand opportunities to network.

A nifty title and tagline cannot encapsulate the advantages of attending Global Expansion Conference 2022. It is not a series of keynote speeches, an experience-led workshop, or a groundbreaking networking opportunity. In fact, it is all three, situated in the gorgeous heart of London in May 2022.

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