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How Hayes Thomas of HCT Finance Plans to Take the Concierge and Fintech Sectors by Storm

While there is a growing demand within the concierge and fintech space, not many have taken the initiative to offer a cutting-edge solution to what most would consider first-world problems. However, one former football player has decided to make a change by starting a company that provides valuable solutions to clients looking to get more done in less time while having access to everything they need in one location. 

Switching Careers

Hayes Thomas initially had a football career, but a contract issue and injury sustained would leave him falling out of love with the sport. While falling out of love with football, he started growing a passion for becoming an entrepreneur and decided to start a business out of necessity. Having spent a lot of time with his colleagues throughout his football career, he knew the demand existed for a service that would provide busy individuals with access to great things, such as the best nightclubs in the area, hotel flights, and more. Using that valuable knowledge to his advantage, Hayes Thomas came up with the brilliant idea to start HCT Finance.

“I had this genuine passion for becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business that would resolve problems for people living hectic lifestyles. HCT is a concierge service like none other. We’re taking lifestyle management to the next level,” shared Hayes Thomas. “We’ve developed this service that works as a stress-free solution to clients, helping them manage their lifestyles with ease. They can book flights, get car rentals, and even check their banking information in one spot. It’s convenient because they can access everything they need through one platform instead of relying on multiple apps to help them.”

Creating a One-Stop Shop for All Things Lifestyle

The career switch and start of HCT turned into such a massive success because it’s something new and convenient for clients to use, with nothing else like it available. “The company was born out of necessity. People with busy lives don’t have a lot of time to complete certain time-consuming tasks, so we’ve eliminated much of the work by doing it for them and providing them with the information they want and need. In addition, if we can negotiate discounts with various companies, we pass those savings on to our clients to keep more money in their pockets,” said Hayes Thomas. “Not only do people enjoy the convenience of what we offer through our membership, but they also enjoy knowing that we work hard to ensure they’re taken care of and not exploited.”

Because the company continues to excel while gaining thousands of new clients despite the global pandemic, it’s clear to see that HCT Finance is taking the concierge and fintech sectors by storm. With banking recently added to the list of services, clients can now keep track of their cards and monitor spending within seconds. 

Hayes Thomas has big plans to continue to expand operations while adding even more services to the list in the future for the convenience of clients who benefit from having quick and easy access to these services when they need them.

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