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Investing In Art: An Open Market Which Is Growing Double Figures Every Year

Have you ever wondered if investing in art could worth the effort? That’s a fascinating topic to start with. This because it generates a multitude of questions to follow, like: Ok, but where to start?Is it something that you should consider as a pure passion or more like a kind of investment? Is the global art market growing worldwide? And how is it moving forward? And so on: Would you like to support artists? How may I ever find new talented artist to finance and new potential trends to follow? All bunch of questions which require time-consuming answers and multiple points of views to consider.

Navigating through the Art World can be as fascinating as intriguing, and not only for those who like hanging out around galleries. While pure art addicted will find many personal reasons to spend time and enjoy galleries – finding solace among oil paintings, pleasure in decorative works, and feeling amused standing in front of masterpieces – clean entrepreneurs connect to Art World looking at it as an opportunity to investment in a new market. Over the last decade, beyond being an emotional asset, the financial consideration of art collecting has become more and more relevant with many outsiders wondering why investing in Arts could be a good idea. 

New collectors dove into this market to buy art online as investment, with 43% of them saying that a fractional investment linked to artworks is a good move (Deloitte e ArtTactic – Art & Finance Report 2021). Investing in Art has always been exciting for those who are passionate and interested in this field, but thanks to the digital revolution it has now became interesting also for a new target like Millennials, who became sharply the bigger spenders.One third of this little niche market spent over $1 million last year(The Art Market 2021 Report, by Art Basel UBS). However, with the excitement it also comes risk. With limitless digital options, new platforms, media-centre, blogging and influencers it is easy to get lost. For this reason, it is always preferable to rely on trusted sources that would help you navigate such a huge offer. 

Platforms such as have been a strong pillar for investors during the last pandemic years.With art advisor services offering expertise, connections to the most important galleries worldwide and artists representing themself, it is the best platform choice looking forward the possibility of investing in the Arts and understand why purchasing Arts is a good idea. although the Arts sector seems unstable nowadays – such many other markets – strong instability might also means the perfect moment to switch to art platforms, which have stayed strong anyway despite the global crises.

The value of an artwork can fluctuate enormously. It can change depending on the context, the technique, and the artist. But despite these variables, investment in Art can give enormous rewards. Purchasing an art piece, means bid “the voice of an artist”, the themes it represents and the emotions it gives you. Objective terms cannot compare to all of this, and now might be the right time to take your first step.

In fact, although the Arts Market may be an exciting but uncertain ground, professional guidance can help you out to make first steps in this field, collecting new artworks and see what they can give you, both financially and emotionally. Even less familiar with the art of collecting can look towards investing in the Arts. It is becoming a more and more diverse and accessible field, opening to investors of all ages and backgrounds. 

This field can be extremely rewarding if you know what to look out and where to turn.

Artworks come in all shapes and sizes – with a price tag for every pocket. There is artwork for everyone. Guidance is the only key to success.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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