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New Business to Deliver Fastest Fixes in Urgent Home Repairs Market

Just Fix founder Adam Graham is a London-based entrepreneur who has built several successful companies in the technology and marketing sectors. 

He set up iChoose Radio, the first music-on-demand internet radio station, back in the late ’90s and achieved his first exit before Spotify had even launched. 

Adam went on to start up many award-winning digital communications agencies before being appointed CEO of RYVL, a global marketing company, with offices in 12 countries and a listing on Nasdaq.

He brings all this experience to his latest venture, Just Fix: a hyper-local, real-time service that will provide the fastest and most trusted solutions for fixing urgent home maintenance tasks. Launching in Q2 this year, Just Fix is a disruptive, sustainable and highly scalable business with big plans for 2022, with Adam confident of strong demand in Q3, Q4 and beyond.

In establishing Just Fix, Adam spotted a major gap in the market with a need for faster fixes for urgent home repair tasks. Until now, booking time-critical jobs with established repair businesses has been a lengthy and complicated process, with a clunky and outdated user experience.

Just Fix is disrupting this sluggish home repairs market, with a fully transparent business service that promises the best customer experience putting the choice firmly in the hands of the customer – and fast. 

Its simple app and online service use geo-location and social recommendations to quickly connect individuals and communities with trusted, skilled, reliable tradespeople in their area, providing the fastest, professional fixes for home maintenance emergencies.

Using the app

The simple and intuitive Just Fix app puts the customer in control of these fast-response jobs, enabling them to benefit from the quickest booking times for urgent home repair jobs carried out by hyper-local tradespeople.

This real-time element is the app’s smartest wheeze, and it allows customers to track the exact location of the nearby tradesperson they have chosen to do the job. 

Connecting communities

The process of finding – and using – trusted, local, reliable tradespeople is part of the Just Fix ethos of keeping communities connected. By working with businesses already serving their local areas, Just Fix customers can enjoy the reassurance of local know-how when booking a home maintenance job – and all in record time, too. 

Customers can talk to Just Fix tradespeople live and on-demand – including video calls – safe in the knowledge they are nearby to sort out the problem fast, efficiently and to the highest standards. 

Trust and reassurance all round

For customers and tradespeople, Just Fix is determined to operate a fair value equation on both sides. The company only ever uses trusted tradespeople, all fully pre-vetted before registering with the business, with thorough background checks to make sure each one is suitable.

Professional qualifications are checked, to verify correct certification for the jobs they do, ensuring extra peace of mind for customers. A guarantee of quality work is also part of the deal. Each job is covered by a 12-month warranty, so customers will never be out of pocket. If ever a problem does occur, the tradesperson will correct it quickly and without any fuss – and at no expense to the customer.

Signing up for Just Fix is also a bonus for self-employed tradespeople keen to build up their daily job schedule. Tradespeople will soon discover that the Just Fix app and online platforms are their best friends and a quick and uncomplicated way to find extra jobs in their trade and on their terms.

It is also free, with no hidden costs or obligations, and Just Fix only charges tradespeople a commission when they are earning money. 

Ratings and referrals 

For extra customer reassurance, Just Fix uses a rating system for tradespeople. Here customers can check out tradespeople’s previous fixes, to gather authentic feedback on how people in the community have rated their work.

Just Fix customers also call the shots with referrals. Personal recommendations help local people find the best tradespeople in the area, which in turn helps those tradespeople find more work.

Ethical and altruistic

Just Fix is an ethical business that’s carbon-neutral and climate-positive from day one. It is committed to attaining B Corp status – a global benchmark for inclusive, equitable and regenerative economies. 

Closer to home, Just Fix is equally committed to giving something back to communities to boost future local employment prospects, while also ensuring they remain connected and economically vibrant.

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