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Three things you like about Huawei’s first “pro” running watch, the Watch GT Runner

Huawei’s Watch GT Runner is the “first professional running watch for serious runners.” With Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, and the rest of the running watch world close on its heels, Huawei is quickly catching up.

The Watch GT Runner is a packed running watch for people who utilize their legs to travel from A to B quickly and efficiently. Like the Watch GT 3, we can only imagine your joy to buy huawei watch as soon as possible.


The Huawei Watch GT Runner was released on January 26, 2022, and is now available in the EU for €299 in Black or Gray Durable Polymer Fiber.

The watch will be available in the United Kingdom in April 2022. The price in the United Kingdom is yet to be determined.


 The Watch GT Runner weighs 38.5 grams without the strap and 52 grams with it, and while it has more than one sports mode (over 100, in fact), it focuses on measuring and recording running abilities.

Speaking of running ability, the Watch GT Runner, like the Watch GT 3, can provide a running ability index and tell you how much better you are than your competitors. It measures readiness, training load, index, recovery time, VO2 max, race time forecasts, and other factors.

Of course, the Watch GT Runner has health, fitness, and smart functions, such as all-day SpO2 monitoring, sleep, and stress monitoring, and Healthy Living reminders like drinking water, deep breathing, early bedtime, and even a daily grin (for real) via the Huawei Health app.

The Watch GT Runner includes:

  • An altitude barometer (which supports the compass feature).
  • Music playback via earbuds or speakers.
  • Plenty of storage space for up to 500 songs.


Because of substantial advancements in battery technology, Huawei began using AMOLED screens on their watches in recent years without sacrificing too much battery life.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner retains the Watch GT 3’s excellent battery life, which delivers 14 days in smartwatch mode (GPS off) and 8 days in “high usage” conditions, such as when the Watch is used for training.


The best came last. The Huawei Watch GT Runner outperforms the Watch GT 3 in GPS and heart rate. It has a dual-band five-system GNSS positioning chip with a concealed antenna suspended in the polymer fiber lugs.

This reduces metal interference with location signals. The new design improves the GPS antenna’s performance by 135% over the old one, balancing positioning accuracy and compactness, and achieving marathon track-level precision without trajectory drift.

The Huawei TruSeenTM 5.0+ sensor, which is believed to be more accurate than before, is supported by the Watch GT Runner (it was already spot-on). To improve heart rate monitoring accuracy and improve dynamic heart rate monitoring, Huawei TruSeenTM 5.0+ has 8 PDs in a circular layout.

Huawei’s design details: “The watch has a 2.5D rear shell with polished curved glass that fits the wrist bone. The design is not only comfy but also non-shakable, eliminating external light interference and boosting heart rate signal quality.”

It goes on like this: “A shield of Fresnel film is placed between the PD, LED, and bottom glass, which not only improves the aesthetics but also provides a better condensing effect, allowing more light to enter the dermis and obtain signals from the capillaries during the process, reducing light signal interference in the superficial layers of the epidermis. Huawei created a novel multi-channel signal selection and fusion improvement technique to improve the deep AI learning noise reduction algorithm. The HUAWEI WATCH GT Runner can better collect the ideal signal from the multi-channel of signals when the user is in motion.”

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